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IBT Program Information
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Questions about bussing would be answered by visiting (this link is also available from the IBT information page on this website).

IBT Program Grades 6, 7 & 8

The development of the IBT Program began well before the first students officially entered the school in September 1994. Superintendent Grant Ferguson began with a vision to develop a program that would teach new skills and learning attitudes that would be required for the 21st century. Under his direction, staff, resource personal, administration, and business partners took on the challenge of planning, implementing, and providing start-up funding for a new and innovative program.

  • The Planning Committee worked hard to identify relevant goals including:
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Language acquisition
  • Workplace and entrepreneurial skills
  • Applied technological skills
  • Resource Management  
  • Information acquisition, organization, interpretation and communication; Understanding social, organizational, and technological systems
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Processing and communication

The IBT Program attracts students who reside in the southeast area of the Board. Students are required to make arrangements for their own transportation. Options for families include car pools, public transit or bussing through a private company that is managed by a parent committee. Students can apply while in grade 5 to be a grade 6 student at Allan A. Martin or in grade 8 to be a grade 9 student at Gordon Graydon S.S. Acceptance to the IBT Program at Martin does not guarantee admittance to the program at GGMSS. Many grade 8 students from both the IBT and Middle School Programs do apply. However, a number of students elect to return to their home high school, apply to one of the schools for the Arts, or the International Baccalaureate Program at Turner Fenton S.S.

Developing Attitudes
The IBT Program challenges students to develop the attitudes and skills necessary for success and for a life of continued learning. Students learn and work to develop attitudes and fundamental skills determined by the Conference Board of Canada, Employability Skills Profile. As well, technological competency is supported through a planned program that teaches the skills required to access, manage, and communicate information in a rapidly and constantly developing technological age.

The IBT Program challenges staff and administration to grow as new opportunities to make connections with Business Partners presents themselves. As in all schools, the commitment to keep current remains a high priority as new Technology and Applications evolve. Regular staff in-school training sessions, conferences, support from business partners, and Board Resources remain a priority.

The IBT Program is Unique:

  • Provincial Curriculum is delivered using an integrated approach.
  • All students learn a musical instrument.
  • Real life and practical applications are stressed.
  • Access to technology through Learning Labs.
  • Access to Science Math and Advanced Research Technology Lab.
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Studies.
  • Integrated use of technology to enhance learning.
  • Personal Time Management, Academic Excellence, and Teamwork are expected.
  • Entrepreneurial/Business Studies
  • The Grade 6 program is the foundation year.

A variety of topics are covered including:

  • Employability Skills Profile developed by the Conference Board of Canada.
  • Learning Styles - How we learn and how we can study?
  • Developing attitudes to become a Quality Independent Self Directed Learner, QISDL.
  • Real Game career and life simulation.
  • Community service.
  • Market Research and Marketing.
  • Venture Creation Model.

Our grade 8 IBT students apply technology learned in grade 6 and 7 to support business skills acquired in the Entrepreneurial Business Studies. They include:

Business Venture launch of an innovative product or service at the annual Trade Show. Students in partners develop prototypes, marketing strategies, a business plan, promotions, a product and a storefront.

 Integrated Technologies

The IBT Program receives no additional per pupil funding. The ongoing commitment to keeping technology current necessitates a variety of strategies. Students are required to pay an annual fee of $200 that goes to support hardware and software acquisitions. School fundraising, partnerships and profits from our student run cafeteria are necessary to keep current.

All students are scheduled into one of the Technology labs several periods per cycle. Access to technology is available in all classrooms.

The foundation or first year of IBT introduces a variety of programs and skills . MS Office 2000 is the primary productivity package for the entire school. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Filemaker Pro are applications that author word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. MS Publisher and Word are used for Desktop Publishing. Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop are used for drawing and photo imaging. Flash and Dreamweaver are used for multi-media and web authoring. Videography and digital editing are new and popular opportunities.

The grade eight program concentrates on connecting technology to learning in real-life situations. Designing business cards, menus, pamphlets, digital billboards, and web pages to support business ventures are exciting components of the program. Creating multimedia and animated presentations become powerful tools for presentations. As well, graphic design and digital art are scheduled 1 period per week in a technology lab. The elements and principles of good design are taught and applied to both drawing from observation and learning effective layout techniques.

Students also have the opportunity to use the Science Math and Advanced Research Technology (SMART) Lab for a variety of unique technologies and science related hands-on applications. This includes Videography, digital video editing, design and construction, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, CAD design, web authoring and animation. Connected to our SMART Lab is the recently rejuvenated design and technology centre. Here students have the opportunity to take concepts from computer generated plans to construction. Assignments designed for the SMART Lab are cross-curricular and engage students in hands-on opportunities for exploration. Marks generated are shared with a variety of subject teachers. For example, grade 8 students were challenged to develop the ultimate teenage room. They utilized basic Computer Assisted Design technology and the internet to research, design, cost, and budget. After all plans were approved, construction of a scale model began in the design and technology centre. Marks from the assignment were used to support mathematics (measurement and numeration, data management), science and technology (structures and mechanisms), and English (oral communications).

  • Is the IBT Program suitable for you?
  • Questions students should consider:
  • Do you like school?
  • Do you enjoy a challenge?
  • Do you like trying new things and meeting new people?
  • Do you like to learn in different ways?
  • Would you like to develop your leadership skills?
  • Does learning about and applying technology in many ways appeal to you?

Many teachers and resource staff contributed to the development of the program in the early years and are too many to list here. However, the efforts of the original staff who have moved on should be recognized. Maureen Flynn, Randy Cook, Bettina Samson, Bill MacGregor, Kevin Dobson, John Zelisko, Greg Weir, Michael Plews, Linda Spence, George Pentland and Bob Sinclair all have left their mark. We have since been able to add a creative and talented mix of middle school and IBT teachers who have continued Martin's "Tradition of Excellence". Often teachers teach on both teams. Each teacher brings a unique contribution that adds to the energy at Allan A.