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Information about Education and Schools in Ontario


1.               Elementary Education in Ontario

Approximately 1.4 million students attend Ontario's 4,000 publicly funded elementary schools. The focus in these early years is to build a foundation in key areas that will help unlock each student's potential.

Strong literacy and numeracy skills are the critical foundation for all other academic achievement and for a lifetime of success. The government's goal is to have 75 per cent of students achieving the provincial standard (equivalent to a B grade) in reading, writing and mathematics.

  2.                  Getting Started – Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

 3.                 Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario's Schools, First Edition Covering Grades 1 to 12

Beginning in September 2010, assessment, evaluation, and reporting in Ontario schools will be based on the policies and practices described in this document.

This document aims to maintain high standards, improve student learning, and benefit students, parents, and teachers in elementary and secondary schools across the province.

 This document is available as a PDF. (5.90 MB)

4.                 The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1-8, English As a Second Language and English Literacy Development – A Resource Guide, 2001

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 18: English As a Second Language and English Literacy Development – A Resource Guide, 2001 describes programs and procedures that support students who are from countries or communities in which standard Canadian English is not the primary language of communication and who may have difficulty meeting the expectations of the Ontario curriculum because of their lack of proficiency in English.Teachers should use this resource guide in conjunction with the various curriculum policy documents that make up the Ontario curriculum for Grades 1 to 8.The guide has been designed to help schools and classroom teachers provide the accommodations and modifications that will enable students from a variety of linguistic, ethnocultural, and educational backgrounds to participate as quickly and as fully as possible in all program areas and to achieve the expectations of the Ontario curriculum.

This document is available in PDF format (PDF, 492 KB).

 5.                 Full-Day Kindergarten

The links below provide more information on the province's full-day kindergarten program.

6.                 People for Education’s charitable purpose and objectives are to:

·                     disseminate information on issues relating to public education,

·                     encourage the participation and support the inclusion of all parents and students in publicly funded schools,

·                     conduct research and collect data concerning the publicly funded education system and its resources in Ontario,

·                     sponsor conferences, seminars and public meetings for the exchange of ideas, information and the experiences of parents, students, educators and employees, with respect to publicly funded schools, and

·                     liaise with boards of education and federal, provincial and local government agencies for the purpose of providing good quality education to students in the publicly funded education system and improving the resources received by publicly funded schools.

People for Education has links to dozens of useful websites organized under the categories below. And, we are always looking for more information to share. If you have found a site useful, and it’s not listed here, please share the link with us!

  7.     Peel District School Board – Parent Section


Curriculum Resources


  Peel Community Information Database


Student Accident Insurance

Every Year there are a number of students who get injured at school, and out of school. Please follow the link for information on Student Accident Insurance. The Peel District School Board strongly supports families taking advantage of this optional insurance. The insurance is provided by a third party provider, with no ties to PDSB. 

Even the most minor accidents can result in major financial responsibilities not insured under your government health or group plans. Why not protect yourself with our health insurance for students today?  

Feel Secure With the insuremykids® Protection Plan – an inexpensive and comprehensive child health insurance for your children that protects your family from unexpected expenses year round.  

This website is designed to help you find places to drop-off household hazardous and special wastes and unwanted electronics that can’t be put in your Blue Box and should not go in the garbage. You can search for places by municipality, postal code or material. To get started, select household hazardous and special waste, (such as leftover paint, non-rechargeable batteries and empty propane cylinders), or electronics, (such as televisions, computers and fax machines). And thanks for doing what you can to deal with waste responsibly. 


Concerned Children's Advertisers

Since 1990, Concerned Children's Advertisers has been producing and delivering social messaging campaigns on issues of challenge in children's lives, including:

  • Drug abuse prevention;
  • Child abuse prevention;
  • Child safety;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Media literacy;
  • Bullying prevention; and
  • Healthy active living.

Our campaigns include nationally televised Public Service Announcements


Internet / Facebook security - tips to help protect yourself and your family

 All Facebook (The Unoficial Facebook Resource) 

 Five tips to manage Facebook's new privacy settings (Globe and Mail article)

Get Web Wise (Gov. of Alberta) 

Kiwi Commons - Online Safety Resource 

Keeping Kids Safe

KINSA aims to provide the best educational resources from around the world and here in Canada that children and parents can access. KINSA also believes there are numerous excellent resources already being developed and our desire is to not duplicate effort, but enhance it where we can and fill voids where appropriate.

Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction which involves several body systems, skin, upper and lower respiratory, gastro-intestinal and cardiovascular.  For further information, please refer to the following websites:

Please note that Anaphylaxis/Epipen training is mandatory every year for all adults that work with students including teachers, custodians, secretaries and volunteers.

Type 1 Diabetes:   

For further information, please refer to the following online video developed by Trillium Health in conjunction with the Peel District School Board.


Mississauga Parent-Child Resource Centres are dedicated to enhancing the lives of parents and caregivers with children ages 0 - 6 by empowering and involving them in their children's learning and development. 

We empower families by continually engaging community partners and providing accessible programs and services that focus on early learning and development in children and parent education and support.
Mississauga Parent Child Resource Centres 

Peel Information Network

The Peel Community Information Database 
The "Red book" online... your access to information on more than 1,700 resources in Peel Region.  Health & social services, information & referral, libraries, community groups, government offices, and much more! 

 Resources - Links to Other Websites