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At Ellengale we place a high priority on families, school and community groups working together for the success of our students. When we all work together to support student learning  we believe that our students tend to do better in school, stay in school longer and like school more. Our partnerships include the Parent and Family Literacy Program – a site based "drop in" program for caregivers and  preschoolers, the Big Sisters and Brothers tutoring program, liaisons with UTM education and medical students and Peel Police education programs.   Opportunities for parents to engage in school activities include school council, various volunteer opportunities in classrooms and helping with our Parent Assisted Reading Program.

As educators and parents we strive to help our students develop as innovative problem solvers, critical thinkers and respectful individuals who will work collaboratively with others. A daunting challenge...but one that we are committed to. Striving to be our best continues to be the Ellengale motto and we are striving for that excellence in the following ways:

In addition to continuing  to teach, model and reinforce the character traits that have historically been valued at Ellengale Public School  we will also incorporate the six character attributes that are being taught in all Peel schools. Our Character Education program will incorporate caring, honesty, being encouraging and inclusive, sharing, teamwork and cooperation, enthusiasm, respect and responsibility. We will look forward to seeing many of you at the school for our monthly Chester assemblies, where we will celebrate the character development that helps our students become the good citizens of tomorrow.

Also, in the spirit of good citizenship, we will continue to highlight the importance of stewardship and global responsibility, as we work together to care for our environment.

In the areas of academic achievement our teachers have developed specific grade appropriate goals to further enhance our students’ reading and numeracy skills . Our overall school focus in literacy will be on helping students further develop their critical thinking skills. In mathematics we will focus on problem solving skills and effectively communicating about mathematical processes.

Now in its second year, our music, drama and dance program is flourishing. Our choir performances and concerts have become anticipated events that are well attended by families and friends of our students. Infusing literacy and numeracy with the arts has been well supported by research as an effective way of engaging students in learning and enhancing student success at school. We look forward to the many ways that our students will continue to share their learning through the arts.

Our dedicated staff includes teachers, teaching assistants, early childhood educators, office managers, an office assistant and our custodial staff all working together to support our vision of a school that will be an inclusive and caring community of staff, students and parents fostering the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of each child.

  We consider ourselves the small school making a big difference!

  Rhonda Young