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Language Arts

Starfall - an interactive website that introduces and supports K and Grade 1 students with reading/writing

Story Place - StoryPlace Library is full of great activities/stories for students to explore.

The Sentence Game - Can you make sentences sound right? Try it!



Kidport - an interactive website that helps students develop early mathematics skills, from addtion to identification of shapes

Virtual Manipulative - A collection of math tools that were used in class.  These can be accessed at home, so that any student can complete their math homework exactly like they did it in class.


Science & Technology

Magic School Bus - take a trip on the school bus and explore many early science topics in a fun and interactive way!


Social Studies

What's My Job? - find out the different people that help in your community!


 Recess Time - Fun Links to take a break!

PBS Games - so many things to do, try them all!

Funschool - Keep the learning going with this fun place to learn more!