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Peel board raises Pride and First Nations flags in schools, sites in June

Peel board raises Pride and First Nations flags in schools, sites in June

​In the month of June, Peel District School Board schools and sites will raise and/or display Pride and First Nations flags, in the spirit of equity, inclusion and reconciliation. The raising of flags is only one of the ways we help to create spaces that are inclusive, welcoming and safe for students, staff and families. Click on "Full Story" to read more. 

Access important student information through new online parent portal - ParentConnect

Access important student information through new online parent portal - ParentConnect

​Our school offers ParentConnect, a safe and secure website, as a convenient method for parents/legal guardians to stay informed and have easy access to important student information. See full article for more information.​

On the road again—how to keep your cyclist safe

On the road again—how to keep your cyclist safe

​Here are some tips you can review with your child to ensure bike season gets off to a great start:

Information for Parents Regarding Bussing

Information for Parents Regarding Bussing



If your home address will be changing during the summer, please notify the office staff at your child’s school prior to June 29. Late requests will not be reflected in the planned bus routes to commence in September and may result in transportation services not being available for your child during the first weeks of school. Parents will be responsible for their children getting to and from school until appropriate transportation service is arranged.

The distance criteria for transportation eligibility must be more than: 1.0 kilometer Kindergarten and Grade 1

1.6 kilometers for Grades 2 – 4

2.0 kilometers for Grades 5 – 8

3.8 kilometers for Grades 9 – 12

If your child is moving to grade 2, grade 5, or grade 9 in the 2018-2019 school year, their eligibility status for transportation may be changing. Eligibility information can be accessed at the website noted below.

Parents who receive letters in June of this year indicating that the transportation eligibility status for their children is being revised due to eligibility reassessment are reminded that this change will occur effective September 4, 2018.

All transported kindergarten and grade 1 students are required to be met by a parent/caregiver when disembarking from their bus on their return trip from school.

Courtesy transportation, which is assignment of ineligible students to available, empty seats on buses, will not be initiated prior to October 1. No exceptions.

Please be aware that during September and early October, STOPR priorities are eligible students requiring transportation service, bus overloads, and route timing adjustments.

Requests for additional or adjusted bus stop locations, route adjustments, and challenges to eligibility status will not be addressed until late October.

Please be patient. STOPR provides transportation services for approximately 65,000 students to 350 schools on 1,400 buses. This is accomplished with an operations staff of 15. Every effort is made to complete required adjustments as quickly as possible, but there are limitations to the volume of changes which can be appropriately communicated and implemented each week.

All transportation operations issues are the responsibility of STOPR and not either Board or individual Trustees.

Contacting STOPR

Internet: This website provides up to date delay and inclement weather cancellation information in addition to policy, procedures and frequently asked questions This website allows parents to access information specific to "what school do I attend" and "am I eligible for transportation". This site also provides parents access to specific bus stop location and pick up and drop off times for their children if eligible for transportation

Telephone: STOPR: Phone: 905 890-6000

Toll free: 1-800 668-1140

Elementary SchoolMessenger SafeArrival Attendance Program

Elementary SchoolMessenger SafeArrival Attendance Program

​Elementary parents are reminded to sign up for a Safe Arrival account in order to report a child's absence in a quick and easy manner.

Set up your account by going to: and use the same email address the school has on file for you. You can also download the blue School Messenger App to your smartphone.

If parents prefer not to set up an account, the toll-free number is always available for all families: 1-855-209-6155.

New Safe Arrival System - STARTING MAY 14th, 2018

New Safe Arrival System - STARTING MAY 14th, 2018

Changes coming to elementary SafeArrival system on May 14, 2018


As you know, the Peel District School Board implemented SafeArrival, an automated absence reporting system for all students in its elementary schools in September 2016. Recently, the service provider for our system was sold to a new company and so, beginning May 14, 2018, there will be some slight changes on how you will report your child's absence from school.

All families must set up a new SafeArrival account beginning May 1, 2018.  The new system will be "live" as of Monday, May 14, 2018 so please ensure your new account has been created by then. Please note: the new SafeArrival system CANNOT be used before May 14 to report any school absences.  You must use our current SafeArrival system until Friday, May 11, 2018.  The phone number will remain the same, only the App and website will change.


Use one of the following methods to set-up your new SafeArrival account. Please ensure the number and email address that you are using to report your child's absences are those that we have on file.


Text Box: May 1 – Parents begin to set-up new SchoolMessenger accounts    May 11 – Last day to use current SafeArrival App or    May 14 – Use new SchoolMessenger App or  Phone number will remain the same.

SchoolMessenger app (free from Apple or Google Play)

  1. Download the SchoolMessenger app
  2. Tap Sign Up to create your account


Web and Mobile Web:

  1. Go to the above website
  2. Click Sign Up to create your account


Interactive Toll-free Phone

  1. Call the toll-free number: 1-855-209-6155
  2. Listen to and follow the instructions to report an absence


As always, please report your child's absences before the start of the school day. Late arrivals and/or early departures should be reported as soon as possible. If your child's absence is not reported in advance, the automated notification system will contact you to inform you of the  absence and will provide an opportunity to verify the absence. By reporting your child absent in advance on the SafeArrival toll-free number, website or SchoolMessenger mobile app, you will not receive a call.



Summer Well-Being!

Summer Well-Being!

Summer break is around the corner! The psychological and physiological benefits of summer are hard to beat. However, while summer allows for a break from the routine and structure of the school year, for some children and youth, it can be stressful to be away from school. So, while the stressors change when the last school bell signals summer, they don't disappear.

Here at a few tips for summer well-being to keep everyone safe and having fun in the sun!

Get outside. With longer and warmer days, try to spend more time outdoors which increases our vitamin D intake and allows us more time to exercise and connect with nature. A minimum of 60 minutes of daily physical activity is recommended for all children and youth. Healthy body = healthy mind.

Always stay hydrated. Replace sugary sports drinks & sodas with water; add slices of fresh fruit like strawberries, lemons, limes or watermelons to your water for a delicious flavor. Staying hydrated prevents heat related illness: symptoms are headache, cold sweats, exhaustion, nausea and/or vomiting, and diarrhea.


Get plenty of rest.  During the hot summer heat, making sure you get plenty of rest is important to prevent heat exhaustion. While playing outside, take frequent shaded breaks and use sunscreen. Getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night is important for recuperation and growth.


Wear safety gear. Whether you are riding your bike or swimming in a pool always wear the recommended safety gear. Being safe reduces stress for everyone! A good rule is that if you are not doing an activity safely; you will not be allowed to do it.

Be safe on-line.  Some students will stay in-touch over the summer primarily on-line. Remember that some people will use electronic media to embarrass, harass, or threaten their peers. When there is cyberbullying occurring remember to save it, report it, and block it. If the incident is criminal call Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Constant communication for the win! Using open ended questions with children and youth can help identify fears, anxieties and concerns. Ask questions like, "How are you feeling about going to summer camp?" In addition, communicating expectations about what is going to occur during the summer will help to ease transitions. Saying, "I am inviting relatives to stay with us in July" or saying, "You will need to be in bed by 9 pm on weekdays this summer" allows children and youth time to adjust to what will occur.

Over summer break remember that HELP is always available:

Peel Children's Centre maintains a Crisis Response Service (24/7/365) if your child is experiencing a serious mental health problem at 416-410-8615


Kids Help Phone is Canada's only national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for children and youth. 1-800-668-6868.

What is IPRC?

What is IPRC?

IPRC stands for Identification, Placement and Review Committee.

Each student is unique and has different needs when it comes to education. All students need the support of teachers, classmates, family and friends to succeed in the school environment, however, some students need more support and may be deemed exceptional.   The IPRC is a formal process, governed by provincial law that is designed to help students get the special education assistance that they need.

These committees do three main things:

Determine if the student is exceptional and meets the criteria for identification under one of the five areas of exceptionality.

Consider and recommend the best placement to meet their needs

Review the identification and placement yearly

You and your child are entitled to be a part of this process to ensure the right educational choices are made.  Your child's teacher or principal are a good starting point if you have any question about the IPRC. SEAC representatives can also help you understand the process and options available.  For detailed information see the link to "A Parent's Guide to IPRC" at


Start Volunteering Before Entering Grade 9

Start Volunteering Before Entering Grade 9

40 hours to graduate – Start this summer

All students in Ontario secondary schools are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement in order to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students are encouraged to start accumulating community involvement hours in the summer before they enter grade 9.
Research shows that early involvement in community service helps students build a spirit of civic responsibility which can be expanded as they move through secondary school.

The community involvement component is an opportunity for students and parents to work together, independent of the school. With parent support, your teen is responsible for finding and completing 40 hours of community service.

Parents should provide assistance to their teen in the selection of community involvement activities. Here's how to get started:

View the volunteer opportunities posted at

Professional Activity Day – June 29, 2018

Professional Activity Day – June 29, 2018

June 29, 2018 is a Professional Learning Day for all elementary and secondary schools. All Peel District School Board schools will be closed for students on this day.

​View the agenda for staff ​Agenda - June 29, 2018


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