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School Council
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School Council

Our school council—focused on student success

Every Peel school has a school council—a group focused on helping students succeed. The council advises the principal about important issues:

  • promoting effective communication between the school and parents
  • supporting our School Success planning goals
  • school code of behaviour
  • encouraging parent and community involvement in our school
  • promoting positive attitudes towards public education
  • school and board policies, guidelines and initiatives that affect student achievement or board accountability to parents

The membership of our council includes:

  • parents—who form the majority of council members
  • teaching and support staff representatives
  • community members

Our school council chair is:

Tessie Iafano,

For more information about school council, contact the office or visit the School Councils section of the Peel board website.


School Council Membership & Term - The Allan Drive School Council strives to maintain a minimum of nine (9) active members.  The majority of members are parents or guardians of students enrolled in Allan Drive Middle School.  The term of office for all school council members is one year.  Elections take place in the fall (within the first 30 days of the school year) and council members remain on council until the first meeting following the next year’s elections.


School Council Membership


Membership Process


Elected by parents/guardians

School Principal


1 community representative

Elected by council

1 teacher

Elected by teachers

1 support staff member

Elected by support staff

1 student

Elected by students



Community Representative(s)

The community representative(s) is a voting member who:

·         Contributes to the discussions of the school  council;

·         Represents the community’s perspective;

·         May participate on any committees established

·         by the school council;

·         Helps build partnerships and links between the

·         school and the community;

·         Observes the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws.

Fundraising Committee Leader – Volunteer Hours 3-8/month

·         Select fundraising committee meeting dates and arrange venue;

·         Create agendas for discussion;

·         Recruit volunteer leaders to attend meeting and lead fundraising initiatives;

·         Chair meetings to ensure discussions stay on track and on time using consensus and encouraging feedback from all volunteers;

·         Provide brief summaries to school council;

·         Attend or designate a representative to school council meetings;

·         Observes the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws.

Parent Representatives

Parent representatives are voting members who participate on any committee established by the school council.  Parent representatives:

·         Contribute to discussions of the school council;

·         Solicit the view of others parents and members of the community to share with the school council, and;

·         Observe the council’s code of ethics and established by-laws.

School Council Chair/Co-Chairs – Volunteer Hours 5-10/month

The chair/co-chairs of the council is elected by the council members and must be a parent or parents who are not employed by the school board.  The chair/co-chairs is voting members who, in addition to performing the same duties as other council members:

·         Arrange for meetings;

·         Prepare agendas;

·         Chair council meetings;

·         Ensure that minutes are recorded and maintained;

·         Facilitate the resolution of conflict;

·         Participate as an ex-officio member of all committees;

·         Establish the school council;

·         Communicate with the school principal on behalf of the council;

·         Ensures regular communication between council and school community;

·         Ensures that fundraising activities and uses of funds comply with board policies and guidelines;

·         Prepares annual report of school council activities, and;

·         Observe the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws.

School Staff Representatives (one each from the teaching and non-teaching staff)

School staff representatives are voting members who:

·         Contribute to the discussions of the school council;

·         Solicit views from their staff groups to share with the school council;

·         May participate on any committees established by the school council;

·         Communicate information back to their staff groups, and;

·         Observe the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws.

Secretary – Volunteer Hours 3-5/month.

The Secretary is a voting member who:

·         Records, maintains and reports accurate minutes of council meetings, including all council decisions;

·         Ensures minutes are available in school office for review by parents and students;

·         Acts as corresponding secretary for council, and;

·         Observes the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws.



Treasurer (Optional) - Volunteer Hours 4-6/month.

The Treasurer is a voting member who:

·         Collects and records count sheets for all funds raised by the council;

·         Prepares the bank deposits and fills out deposit slips for funds received;

·         Signs cheque requisition forms so that council expenditures are in line with school council approvals;

·         Handles any transactions involving the HST including rebates;

·         Reviews, signs and dates monthly reports to school council indicating all transactions;

·         Provides financial reports at school council;

·         Prepares the annual financial statement for council, and;

·         Observes the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws.



Volunteer Coordinator – Volunteer Hours 2-7/month.

The Volunteer Coordinator is a voting member who:

·         Recruits and organizes volunteers for school council and fundraising activities, tasks and jobs;

·         Maintains the volunteer lists and database, keeping it current;

·         Communicates actively with volunteers about specific upcoming events and to build the volunteer community;

·         Organizes the volunteer schedules for all events, and;

·         Observes the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws.



 ADMS - Candidate Nomination Form.doc

Our Council Co-Chairs are Keely Masson and Kathryn Scott, Treasurer is Carrie Anderson and Secretary is Heather Munich.