Our school council—focused on student success

Every Peel school has a school council—a group focused on helping students succeed. The council advises the principal about important issues:

  • promoting effective communication between the school and parents
  • supporting our School Success planning goals
  • school code of behaviour
  • encouraging parent and community involvement in our school
  • promoting positive attitudes towards public education
  • school and board policies, guidelines and initiatives that affect student achievement or board accountability to parents

The membership of our council includes:

  • parents—who form the majority of council members
  • teaching and support staff representatives
  • community members

Our school council co-chairs are:

Usha Goel and Matt Simpson, somersetdrps.council@peelsb.com

For more information about school council, contact the office or visit the School Councils section of the Peel board website.


Annual Report - 2016-2017.pdf

Annual Financial Report 9.1.2016 to 8.31.2017 (1).pdf

School Council Meeting Minutes_Jan 2018.pdf


Summary of School Council Meeting Minutes_Feb 2018.pdf