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Schools Attuned
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Understanding Differences in Learning

The Carberry team is proud to be the first school in the Peel District School Board to have opened with all staff trained in the Schools Attuned Program. Due to growth in our second year, we have 85% of our staff trained and are committed to training all additional staff when possible. At Carberry, we acknowledge that children vary widely in their strengths and weaknesses. The Schools Attuned training allows us to understand your child's neurodevelopmental learning profile and provides us with access to multiple resources and strategies to build on individual strengths and to address individual areas of weakness. To learn more about supporting your child's success visit the All Kinds of Minds website in our "Quick Links" section.

Schools Attuned is based on the following Nine Principles:

  1. Children vary widely in their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Our profiles might work well at some ages and under certain circumstances, but not as well at other times or places.
  3. We can and must achieve a high level of specificity in our understanding of children's strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Teachers label observable behaviour rather than the students. A common language and understanding of learning is developed.
  5. A commitment to collaboration among professionals, parents, and children.
  6. A desire to strengthen strengths and affinities of children.
  7. Children have a need and right to be made aware of their strengths and affinities.
  8. Students should be learning about learning and gaining insight into their own minds.
  9. Each child should be helped to see his or her special possibilities for a life that can be fulfilling and gratifying.

- Dr. Mel Levine​