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Class Lists & Bussing Info 2014-2015

Please click "Full Story" for detailed information on Class Lists and Bussing Info for Centennial's school year 2014-2015. Thank you!

Digital Agenda Letter

Centennial Senior Public School in September 2014 will be moving to a Digital Agenda for most students and staff. This change will allow students and teachers to connect on a more seamless basis through the use of shared calendars and e-mail. Each teacher will maintain a classroom calendar that is viewable by all students. Students will be able to view the calendars of all teachers with whom they interact in a single, integrated calendar. This means that a student will see all assignments from their French, Art, and Homeroom teacher all together. Furthermore all extracurricular activities such as practices, meetings, tournaments etc. will be viewable by team members. PLEASE CLICK "FULL STORY" FOR MORE INFO...

Morning Announcements 28 FEB 2014

Spring Production | Dance Workshop | CPR course | Junior Ball Hockey | Student Council | Camp I Can | Logo Design Contest

January Online Calendar

We have updated our school events, Counting On You, excursions, presentations, team practices, intramural activities, etc. on our online calendar. We will update changes as necessary. Thank you. Please check regularly. http://schools.peelschools.org/1506/pages/calendar.aspx

Join Our Centennial School Council

Our first School Council meeting will be on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 7:00pm in the library. All parents/guardians are welcome. We hope you will join us! Nomination forms can be found in "About Us" in the "Forms" section.

Sept 2013 Newsletter & Calendar

Please go to the Newsletters section to see our September's Centennial Pride newsletter and calendar of activities and events. (Updated Sept 6/13)

Choose your DPA online

Our DPA program continues this year and will be managed via an online application. Students choose their DPA activities online. Please visit the DPA website at www.centennialdpa.com to set up your student profile and choose your DPA activity for the current session.
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