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Letter to families regarding 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Letter to families regarding 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Dear Peel District School Board Families:

As you may be aware, season 2 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, is scheduled to be released on May 18, 2018. ​Series like this one can lead to misconceptions and misinformation about suicide, and possibly to the glorification of suicide and suicide contagion. For these reasons, mental health professionals across North America, including the Peel District School Board's mental health team, feel it is necessary to make you aware of this series and content.

Apply for a position on the board's French as a Second Language Advisory Committee

Apply for a position on the board's French as a Second Language Advisory Committee

​​The Peel District School Board is currently seeking eight parents to sit as members on the board’s French as a Second Language (FSL) Advisory Committee. Parents interested in this opportunity are asked to complete the Application Package​ and email it to by May 31, 2018.  ​​​​​

Student Announcements - Friday May 18, 2018

Student Announcements - Friday May 18, 2018

​Fried rice is still available. Come to room 112 after announcements to purchase your ticket for today’s vegetarian, or chicken fried rice and a spring roll. Sales will only take place for a short time this morning.
Thank you
Asian Heritage



winning the Centennial Senior Public School Dodgeball Championships!
All dodgeball team members going to the tournament should report to the Computer Lab ready to leave after the announcements are complete and attendance is taken.
Mr. Drexler
There will be a student council meeting today at 11:10 am for both first and second class reps in Ms. Irons room.

Thank you,
Student council
Our first Family Wellness Night was a huge success!  Thank you to all of the familes that came out.  Thank you as well to all of the staff and students for volunteering their time to make this happen!  Check out twitter for some pictures from the event.
Ms. Huk


Student Announcements - Thursday May 17, 2018

Student Announcements - Thursday May 17, 2018

Tonight is our Family Wellness Night!!  The even runs from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.  Hope to see you there!


Henna will take place in room 113 today. If you are interested, please wait outside Door 6 and students will let you in.

Ms Medley



Camp Explore

The Peel Board offers a summer camp.  There are brochures available in the office and in the rack outside of the office doors.  Students can also ask their teacher for a brochure.




Attention all ladies that were in FitSpirit. There is a mandatory meeting that you must attend today at 11:10am. The meeting will be short, but it is very important. Please come to Ms. McIver's room at 11:10.

Again, Ladies in FitSpirit to Ms. McIver's room at 11:10.





All Dodgeball team members please bring your signed forms to Mr. Drexler in room 210 as soon as possible. 

And good luck to the Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies and the Not Fast, Just Furious today in the Centennial senior Dodgeball championship game!

Thank you!



Don't forget! We're selling fried rice and a spring roll in Pride Square today! If you would like a bowl of fried rice (which comes in chicken or vegetarian) and a spring roll tomorrow for lunch, Come to to pride square right after the announcements to preorder!

Asian Heritage Committee

Student Announcements - Wednesday May 16, 2018

Student Announcements - Wednesday May 16, 2018

Our Family Wellness Night is tomorrow evening.  It will run from 6:30 to 8:00.  We will have a variety of workhsops including painting, yoga, healthy snacks, mental health and much more.  There will also be booths set up from community partners with information and giveaways. See the attached flyer for info.​  We hope you can make it!


Wellness Night Flyer.pdf


Henna sales continue today! Please come with exact change!
Thank you!
Mrs. Medley



Congratulations from staff and students of Centennial to our Girls Cricket team for their outstanding performance at the girls cricket tournament yesterday. The girls endured and overcame the rain, the wind and the sun, they played hard and won 28-11, 29-17, 34-33 in the preliminary games, and they won silver, 18-26 in the finals. Bravo girls.

Mr Leonforde & Ms Aube
Girls 3 Pitch Softball: All girls interested in trying out for the girls 3 pitch softball team, please meet at the baseball diamond Thursday after school. Practice will end at 4pm, make sure to arrange a ride home. 
Mrs. Aube and Mr. Joseph
Tomorrow we celebrate Asian Heritage Month with a day full of activities. In celebration of this, feel free to wear your cultural clothing to show your asian heritage spirit! We want to see your beautiful outfits, so don't forget to participate! 
Thank you,
Asian Heritage Committee 
Hey Centennial!
The Jump Rope For Heart event was a major success. We raised a lot of money and the entire school was able to get some exercise! Congratulations to all the participants of the contests.  
The winner of our main contest is Vedant from class 8-7 with a time of 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Congrats to our closest participant, Merciful from class 7-9 as well, who had a time of 4 minutes and 56 seconds. 
Also, we would like to congratulate Mr. Drexler for skipping for a time of 6 minutes and 3 seconds.
Can the two winners please come down to room 214 immediately following the announcements to redeem your prize.

The Jump Rope for Heart Team 
 All students who are performing a dance or have an instrumental performance must attend a mandatory meeting today at 11:10 in Mrs. Singh's room. Please bring your music. Mrs. Singh would like to see your performance.
Mrs. Singh


Samosas are here! When you come back inside from lunch, Samosas will be in your home room class for people that paid for them yesterday.

Fried Rice and Spring rolls are coming to Centennial! Bring two dollars to pride square Thursday morning to get a ticket for a bowl of fried rice with a spring roll at lunch on Friday.  Spring rolls are vegetarian, and Fried rice is available in chicken and vegetarian.  Tickets are for sale in pride square on Thursday morning.  Pay for your food on Thursday, and eat on Friday.

Thank you from the Asian Heritage Committee (food division)




This message is for students who are members of Centennial health squad. We are meeting today at 11:10 in in room 111.
Mrs. Dhanju


Student Announcements- Tuesday May 15, 2018

Student Announcements- Tuesday May 15, 2018

​Today is your only day to purchase samosas for only 2 for $1! You order today, and will get them tomorrow for lunch. ATTENTION Class reps! Class lists will be in the attendance folders. You will be taking your class's orders during period 1, then please bring them to Ms. Iron's room right after. Don't forget to order your samosas for 2 for $1! 

Thank you,
Student Council 
An Asian Heritage announcement:

 The list with selected students for the Rangoli/ Mandala pavement construction will be up in front of Art Room 122.
Considering the fact that a large number of students signed up to participate in this project, the selection process was a very difficult one. We took in consideration all the students who submitted design proposals and showed an active involvement during Asian Heritage.
If your name is on the list, please be prepared for Wednesday May 16th, periods 1 to 4. We will go to PRIDE Square right after attendance.
Today will be a mandatory meeting in order to select the design and to organize the existing raw materials saved from last year.

Mr. Pora
Don’t forget to get your henna tattoo done by none other than a fellow centennial student! If it’s beautiful and sunny outside we will be set up right outside Mrs. Medley’s art room all days this week!

Your artist has practiced applying the paste so many times that they are all experts. Prices range from 1-5$ depending on their size.

For best results, the wet paste will need time to dry before smudging or washing off. Be prepared to allow time for your design to dry and crumble off.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Mrs Medley
If there is an indoor recess this afternoon henna will take place in Mrs.Medley’s art room, room one thirteen.

It is mandatory that you have permission from your lunch time supervisor before leaving you classroom. Henna designs will not be done on students without a hall pass.

Mrs. Medley
There will be a boys 3 pitch practice Wednesday morning at 7:15

See you there.

Mr Forer and Ms. Irons

The gauss Math contest will be written in the gymnasium tomorrow, Wednesday May 16th. Please go to first period for attendance and come immediately after with a pencil, eraser, and calculator.​ Apologies to gym teachers as the gym will be unavailable from 7:30 am until 10:30 am.


Mr. Hughes and Ms. Butt

Student Announcements - Monday May 14, 2018

Student Announcements - Monday May 14, 2018

​Samosa Sales

Samosas are coming to Centennial! Place your samosa order in your first period class tomorrow so you can eat on Wednesday.  Bring One dollar tomorrow morning and we will deliver two delicious samosas to your class on Wednesday at lunch.  One dollar on Tuesday get you two samosas on Wednesday.

Thank you!

Asian Heritage Committee (food division)




Good Morning...

Due to the Harbourfront trips and the Asian Heritage World Tour, Library Associates are not required for duty Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this week.  Again, Library Associates please enjoy your time off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

​Mrs. Lister




Hey Centennial. Make sure to bring in your batteries for Centennial's Teck Saves Lives Battery Blitz. Remember, every used battery you collect makes an impact on the environment while also providing medicinal zinc to children in need in Kenya. Also, there will be a surprise award for the class that brings in the most batteries! 
Please drop off your batteries to Mr. Holt's class, room 214, and label your class number! Let's see which class can win the reward for Centennial's Teck Saves Lives Battery Blitz! 




Hey grade 7 and 8's, if you missed last Monday's volleyball club tryouts don't panic! Tomorrow there is a second tryout for those who missed it. Please meet in the gym right after school and arrange a ride for 4:00pm. Once again, there's a second tryout for the volleyball club after school tomorrow. Meet in the gym and arrange a ride for 4pm. Thanks!
Mr. Law and Ms. Tran
Thank you to all those that tried out for junior boys soccer on Friday. A list of the students who made the first cut will be posted in pride square. Students who made the first cut are invited to the second try out this Wednesday after school from 2:30-4:00. Students should meet in pride square.
All members of the girls cricket team are reminded to meet Mr Leonforde in room 109 at 11:10 am today to finalize plans for tomorrow's tournament. Thank you.
Mr. Leonforde
Cricket Coach
Hi Centennial students,

If you are interested in performing the popular folk dance of Punjab called Bhangra, please see Mrs. Dhanju in room 111 right after announcements.

Anubha Dhanju
Centennial Sr. P. S. 
 "Girls 3 Pitch Softball: All girls interested in trying out for the girls 3 pitch softball team, please meet at the baseball diamond Tuesday after school. Practice will end at 4pm, make sure to arrange a ride home.
Mrs. Aube and Mr. Joseph
Student Announcements - Friday May 11, 2018

Student Announcements - Friday May 11, 2018

​There will be a brief meeting today at 11:10 in room 121 for all Grade 6 girls interested in playing soccer this year.  Please be prepared to go outside following the meeting. 

Ms. Glenn​
Junior boys soccer try out will be today after school until 4pm. You must have a ride arranged at 4pm sharp. If you haven’t arranged a ride home already, you won’t be able to try out today. Meet in pride square after school today.  
Good morning everyone,
The Rafikis are in!! Please come to Mme Randall’s room, room 118, during period five today to collect your order.
Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all.
The Me to We Team





There will be a boys 3 pitch practice Monday morning at 7:15. Make sure to check the first cut list outside the gym. bring your gloves see you there.


Mr Forer and Ms Irons




​This is a reminder for the Lions Step Crew. We have practice today after school. Please meet in Mr. Law's room and arrange a ride for 4pm. Once again, please meet in room 104 after school. See you there steppers!

Mr. Law and Ms. Tran

Student Announcements - Thursday May 10, 2018

Student Announcements - Thursday May 10, 2018


So Mr Leonforde, what do you mean by being hard on yourself? Are you going to talk about cutting, suicide and other forms of self harm. Are you talking about when I call myself stupid?

Mr Leonforde

Well's minute is about all of the above. Sometimes when kids are stressed and upset they take it out on themselves. Oh dear, that's not a good idea. Remember that there are always people (a parent, teacher, coach, friend) to help you. Don't take it out on yourself. Be kind to yourself and ask for the helping hand or pat on the back that you need and deserve to get through the tough situation you are facing. Today, write three things you like about yourself which you can then think about when you get stressed. Tomorrow Let us all show that Children's mental health matters at Centennial by wearing green.


This mental health minute was brought to you by the staff and students of 8-10



Thank you to everyone who tried out, you displayed great work. Please check the athletic bulletin board outside the gym. The first cut will be posted by the end of the day.

Mr Forer and Ms Irons




Junior Boys Soccer Tryout

This is a message for any boys wanting to try out for the junior boys soccer team. There will be a try out Friday after school from 2:30 to 4pm. You must have a ride arranged for 4pm. Please meet in pride square after school.



Good morning Dodge Ballers!
Please make sure to check your team lists and schedule posted outside the gym. 
There are 2 games today. There will be a notice posted today with the rescheduled date for the games that were missed yesterday (Wednesday).

Henna designs are applied to the skin with a thick paste made from the ground leaves of the henna plant  and have been used by desert cultures throughout the Middle EastAfricaIndia and Egypt for thousands of years.

Our Centennial students have been working hard at preparing beautiful designs. Some of our artists copy traditional pieces while others are really great at adapting traditional designs into more modern contemporary looks.

If you'd like to have some of this artwork applied to your skin to support our Asian Heritage Celebrations and show your Centennial pride, please remember your loonies and toonies and find door 6 , which is near Mrs. Medley's classroom during lunch recess' next week!




The practice for tomorrow is cancelled. Please come to room 102 today at lunch if you want to pick up a test.
Mrs. Butt 

Student Announcements - Wednesday May 9, 2018

Student Announcements - Wednesday May 9, 2018


Good Morning...

There will be a mandatory information meeting @ Period 7 today in the Library for all those students on the Harbourfront excursions next week.  Again, a mandatory meeting Period 7  today in the Library for ALL the Red Maple/Silver Birch students on next week's Harbourfront excursions.  Please bring a pencil.

See you then,

Mrs. Lister

Austin: So Mr Leonforde, Yesterday you told us that stress is mental or emotional strain from very demanding circumstances. How should students handle stress?

Mr Leonforde: It is easy to let your feelings go wild when you are upset. Notice your feelings and name them. For example, "I am so angry" and say or think about why you feel that way. Then find a way to calm down, get past the upset feelings and find a way to express them. Do breathing exercises, listen to music, write in a journal, play with a pet, go for a walk or ride a bike or do whatever helps you shift to a better mood. Today, invite a friend to engage in a calming/relaxing activity after a stressful moment. Tomorrow's topic... Don't take it out on yourself! 

Austin: This mental health minute was brought to you by the staff and students of 8-10​​

Bravo to our Boys Cricket Team for demonstrating Centennial Pride and good sportsmanship during the cricket tournament yesterday. They played valiantly, losing to Sir William Gage and Sir John A MacDonald while winning against W G Davis and Williams Parkway for a fourth place finish overall. Thanks.

A big congratulations goes out to all of the girls who participated in the FitSpirit run yesterday! 

We are so proud of you, and you should all be proud of yourselves and all of your hard work!


Ms. Salvisburg, Ms. McIver and Ms. Irons

he use of Henna for body art is at least several centuries old. The people of ancient Egypt and India used this form of temporary tattoo for religious ceremonies, wedding festivals, and for simple body adornment. Henna is a plant which grows in the tropical climates of Africa, northern Australia, and southern Asia.

Next week henna designs will be available for purchase during lunch recess near room 113. On beautiful days chairs will be set up outside. Small designs will cost 1 dollar while larger and more intricate designs will cost up to 5$. If you'd like to get a design drawn on your hand or arm please meet outside near door 6 any day next week!

If you are one of the 30 henna artists who signed up, and are still interested in contributing to this aspect of our Asian Heritage Celebration please see Mrs. Medley today at lunch for a MANDITORY meeting. You are invited to stay and practice after the meeting, or go outside. Come prepared with a pencil.

Also teachers, if you are interested in allowing our artists to practice, please come today at lunch recess to room 113!​​

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