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SciTech RLCP
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SciTech Info Session Presentation:

SciTech Info Night 2018.pdf

​​​​What is the application process?

Applications can be submitted only online during the specified dates.

What is the BAR?

A “B+” average with strong learning skills (“E” and “G”). While there may be some low marks these would not be in Math or Language. We look for students who participate in extracurricular activities while maintaining good marks at school. This indicates strong organization and time management skills. During the Teamwork Challenge we look for students who collaborate well, both making suggestions and accepting them from others. While validating and respecting the ideas of others, always having an open mind to a possibly more efficient and/or novel way to solve a problem. 

What is the random selection?

Think of it as a BAR. As long as your child meets the requirements of the program then they are placed in a random selection. This chooses 56 students and a wait list.

What is the Teamwork Challenge?​

It is a 20 minute activity where the students build a structure in small teams. Last year they supported a ping-pong ball with building blocks to make the tallest structure. Teamwork skills are assessed along with the overall group performance in the challenge.​​​