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Suggested Apps For Students In K-5

·         Many educational apps come in a “lite” version for you to try and then ask you to pay for more.  For example, you might try an app to practice math facts and then find you run out of questions.  You can then choose to purchase a full version, or not.  Your device should have a password protected account so you can control who agrees to further purchases.

·         Even though we list apps as “Free” in the list of suggestions, prices can change at any time. 

·         You may want to consider searching for free apps on your device or even checking out websites such as (apps reviewed and categorized by creator)  or  (website that reviews new educational apps)for suggestions.  You’ll find android options there as well.


There are 3 ways to search for apps on a device.  First go to the App Store, then choose:

1.    Simply type in a category of app you are looking for:  “free apps”  “educational apps”,  or more specifically, “math apps” or even “fractions apps”

2.    Type in an app by name (i.e. Scribble my Story)

3.    Search a group of apps by the same provider (i.e. BugbraineED)



Curious Hat (some free and some paid apps up to $1.99)

·         Oh No Fractions! Lite – work with fractions through visual representations  *free

·         CPTV kids by Rukus media – a collection of short videos and virtual books  *free

·         EyePaint Monsters – experiment with colours and textures in art  *free


Innovative Mobile Apps(many free and a few paid apps up to $1.99)

·         Fry words – sight word flash cards from beginning readers to grade 3  *free

·         Sight words – lists of words to practice and even create your own lists  *free

·         Phonics Genius – practice with letter sounds to read or create words  *free

******Many more to choose from here!

BugbrainED  (some free and some paid apps, usually $1.99)

·         Phonics awareness 1 – to help with early reading strategies  *free

·         8 Great Word patterns   - to learn to spell simple words  *free


OTHER APPS TO TRY  - all are free – at least for now!


Fit Brains for kids – K or grade 1 – builds iPad skills and simple games

Colour Band – “draw” to finish an instrument and then play it…. Hard to explain!

Math Kid – practice math facts as you “see” the question

Todo K-2 – choose a grade and practice rote math facts

Number Magic 2 – builds a sense of quantity by comparing sets with numerals

RAZ Kids – use the same account your child uses at school



Virtual Manipulatives  - helps to “see” measurements and fractions compared

Questimate – fun way to practice measurement and estimation with a partner or solo

Fill the cup – visual way of working with math

Bill Nye (only some parts are free) – science videos and games by this popular host

WWF together – great photos and info on animals endangered around the world


Language creation – all ages

Puppet Pals – use characters to create a story, record your voice to tell the story

Scribble my Story lite  -draw and write for younger children.  Follow the directions

Toontastic-  create a story with character, setting and stickers then use computer voice or your own to tell your story.

Skitch​ – create a presentation, flyer, poster etc.  Insert pictures, captions, text etc.​