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School Council
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EDENROSE – School Council Meeting Minutes

February 19TH 2014

In Attendance :

·         Linda Lennox (Principal)

·         Tanis McNeely (VP)

·         Kelly McTavish (VP)

·         Maureen Mackenzie (Teacher Rep)

·         Falak Pasha (Secretary)

·         Vineeta Abbott  (Treasurer)

·         Yashika Balaskandarajah (Volunteer Coordinator)

·         Birgul Ozturk

·         Kelly Huang

 Technology update – Tanis McNeely

-          Staff has bought the Technology cart that has a MacBook Pro, slots to hold IPads and charge them. The cart is on wheels so can be transported to the classroom that needs it. It allows apps to be downloaded on all the devices at once through the MacBook.  30 apps have been uploaded at this time.

-          The cart is efficient, secure, and mobile and the devices can be charged as they are stored.

Technology Night - Maureen Mackenzie

-          Technology night was a success. The school has established its own Twitter account, the account is Edenrose P.S.

-          The night was a good opportunity for staff to interact and see how others are using technology at schools to their advantage. Both parents and staff members benefited from the event.

Fix the Formula – Linda Lennox

-          This information night was to raise awareness regarding how the PEEL DISTRICT is currently being funded for special education. There is a formula that determines how much money each board receives. However, there is a huge discrepancy in what the Peel board receives and what neighboring boards receive.

-           Peel feels this is not fair. Currently, Peel students receive $339/Student for special education funding and Dufferin-Peel receives $375/student. Halton receives $605/students. Linda will forward emails that contain more information regarding this issue to council parents interested.

-          There are template letters made available for parents to customize and send to MPP’s.

 Kiss and Ride – Linda Lennox

-          The school is projected to have 894 students next year. This includes full day kindergarten classes starting next year. Right now we have 5 big buses that arrive at the school every morning and next year we there will probably be 7 big buses. This raises a safety concern at Edenrose regarding the kiss and ride facility

-          The staff supervision time has increased over time due to the increase in cars coming through.

-          Staff is considering closing kiss and ride from next year as some neighboring schools have done so. No decisions have been made yet.

-          There is a walkabout scheduled for March 5th at 8 am with Peel Region planners who are looking for input from residents and will be observing the school traffic situation. The walkabout will be for 2.5 hours and they will observe access points walk ways. Major areas of concern will be identified during this meeting and the region experts will give the school some input to some solutions.

 Police Presentation with Constable Holly Falkner – Kelly McTavish

-          This visit will take place after March break. She will be at Edenrose from March 17th to the 21st. The focus is on anti-bullying. This program is going to be offered to classes from Grade 1- grade 5.

-          Children will learn to define bullying, role play, consequences of bullying and learn strategies on what can be done in those situations.

-          There are 5 days allocated for this initiative.

 Family Movie Night update – Tanis McNeely and Vineeta Abbott

-          This will be a 2 night event, 25th of March and April 1st.

-          Vineeta updated us that a license purchase from ACF films will not be necessary as ACF film has an agreement in this regard with Peel DSB for the movies it represents.  We just need to view a movie that is listed as an approved title on their website.

-          Choices that were put forward by the council included Monsters U., Despicable Me 2, Planes, Smurfs 2,  Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2.

-          The staff and council came to an agreement to view ‘Planes’.

-          Staff and Council also decided to buy 4 copies for this event and have a raffle contest in which the DVD’s could be given away as a door prize to families that win. VP Tanis will purchase the DVDs on behalf of the school.

 Gym Mat Purchase update – Linda Lennox

-          Gym Mats will be purchased to fill some of the spaces on the gym walls. Mr. Goode priced them out to cost $900-$1000.

-          The gym mats can also be used on the floor if the activity requires it.

-          Council agreed on making this purchase with the staff. The funds for this were raised from the Move a thon earlier this year.

Meeting was adjourned by 8 pm. The next council meeting is scheduled for April 8th.​