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Bomb Threat Rehearsal Communication to Families

Bomb Threat Rehearsal Communication to Families

​Please see the letter of Communication from the Peel District School Board.

Peel schools to rehearse drill for bomb threat or suspicious device/substance this fall

In accordance with the Ministry of Education, the Peel board worked together with Peel Regional Police, Ontario Provincial Police and school boards in the Peel region to develop protocols for critical situations including bomb threats, lockdowns, hold and secure, shelter in place in order to help keep schools safe during a potentially serious or violent incident.

Schools will review key points of the bomb threat process with students and will initiate a drill once per year, in the fall, to ensure that staff and students know what to do in the event of a real bomb threat or suspicious device/substance.

During the rehearsal, students inside the school will remain with or return to their supervising teacher immediately.

Students and staff outside the school are requested to move as far away from the building as possible and remain outside until further directions are given and the rehearsal is complete.

The safety of our students is our top priority. Visit the "Safe Schools" page on the school website to learn more about the emergency procedures in place to keep students and staff safe. If you have any questions, please contact the school principal.