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STOPR - Student Transportation Of Peel Region

STOPR - Student Transportation Of Peel Region


• If your home address will be changing during the summer, please notify the office staff at your child’s school prior to June 30. STOPR will also accept address change information after June 30 and until July 6. Address changes received after July 15 will not be reflected in the planned bus routes to commence in September and may result in transportation services not being available for your child during the first weeks of school. Parents will be responsible for their children getting to and from school until appropriate transportation service is arranged.
The distance criteria for transportation eligibility is: 
1.0 kilometer Kindergarten and Grade 1
 1.6 kilometers for Grades 2 - 4
 2.0 kilometers for Grades 5 - 8
4.8 kilometers for Grades 9 - 12
If your child is moving to grade 2, grade 5 or grade 9 in the 2012-2013 school year, their eligibility status for transportation may be changing. Eligibility information can be accessed at the website noted below.
• All transported kindergarten and grade 1 students are required to be met by a parent/caregiver when disembarking from their bus on their return trip from school.
• Courtesy transportation, which is assignment of ineligible students to available, empty seats on buses, will not be initiated prior to October 3. No exceptions.
• Please be aware that during September and early October, STOPR priorities are eligible students requiring transportation service, bus overloads, and route timing adjustments.
• Requests for additional or adjusted bus stop locations, route adjustments, and challenges to eligibility status will not be addressed until late October.
• Please be patient. STOPR provides transportation services for approximately 62,000 students to 350 schools on 1,300 buses. This is accomplished with an operations staff of 15. Every effort is made to complete required adjustments as quickly as possible, but there are limitations to the volume of changes which can be appropriately communicated and implemented each week.
• All transportation operations issues are the responsibility of STOPR and not either Board or individual Trustees.
Contacting STOPR
Internet:  www.stopr.ca. This website provides up to date delay and inclement weather cancellation information in addition to policy, procedures and frequently asked questions
 Businfo.stopr.ca. This website allows parents to access information specific to “what school do I attend” and “am I eligible for transportation”. This site also provides parents access to specific bus stop location and pick up and drop off times for their children if eligible for transportation
Telephone: Transportation East (areas generally east of Highway 10) 905 890-6000
Transportation West (areas generally west of Highway 10) 905 890-0614
Special Education Transportation    905 890-6362
Toll free 1-800 668-1140
STOPR Administration     905 890-0708 ext. 23220
Geoquery Website - http://businfo.stopr.ca
This website also allows parents to login and find their child’s transportation information by following these instructions:
• type in the website address:  businfo.stopr.ca
• click “student login”
• enter your child’s OEN number, street/house number, school  and grade
• click “login”
This will automatically display the child’s transportation information, if they are eligible.  
This capability for “student login” will be available for parents starting the second last week of August until the end of June each year.  This feature will be locked down during the summer for route planning purposes. 
Additional features of this website are, School Information, Which School Do I Attend and Transportation Eligibility and Delays and Cancellations

STOPR Website
A STOPR website is - www.stopr.ca.  The items available in this website, include the following:

• “About Us” – background information on Student Transportation of Peel Region
• “Policies and Procedures” – STOPR procedures and Peel and Dufferin-Peel Transportation Policies
• “FAQ” – frequently asked questions in regards to student transportation
• “School Forms” – the forms that go with the STOPR procedures
• “Operators” – a list of all the school bus operators in Peel Region and their telephone numbers
• “Links” – Ministry of Transportation links ie: booster seat legislation
• “Contact Us” – STOPR contact telephone numbers by area
• “Inclement Weather” – updates on a daily basis for inclement weather cancellations
• “Which School Do I Attend” – a direct link to our Geoquery website
• “Am I Eligible for Transportation” – a direct link to our Geoquery website
• “Your Child’s Busing Information” - a direct link to the student login on our Geoquery website
• Dufferin-Peel CDSB and Peel DSB logos – click one of these logos and it takes you directly to the school board home website page
Transportation Eligibility Policy:
The Peel DSB Transportation Eligibility Policy:
Kindergarten                                       1.0 km
Grades 1 – 4                                       1.6 km
Grades 5 & 6                                       2.0 km
Grades 7 & 8                                       3.2 km
Secondary                                           4.8 km
The Dufferin-Peel CSB Transportation Eligibility Policy:
Kindergarten –Grade 1                       1.0 km
Grades 2 – 4                                       1.6 km
Grades 5 - 8                                        2.0 km
Secondary                                           4.8 km