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Help us to encourage and enhance parent involvement in Peel

Help us to encourage and enhance parent involvement in Peel

Apply for a position on the board's Parent Involvement Committee

The Peel board's Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) meets regularly throughout the school year to review the board's plans for parent involvement as they relate to parent, family and community engagement, and to make suggestions to schools, councils and the board regarding additional parent outreach.



​As mandated by the ministry, the purpose of Peel board's PIC is to:

  • support, encourage, and enhance meaningful parental involvement within schools and across the district, including, outreach to parents who find involvement more challenging
  • work collaboratively with the school board to support student success
  • seek out the advice and ideas of school councils, and other parents and partners as they plan and implement strategies to involve more parents at the regional level
  • develop strategies for enhancing parental engagement and outreach

Parent application packages will be made available by April 11,2018 at www.peelschools.org/PIC.

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