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​​​​​​ To reach a member of the staff of Brampton Centennial Secondary School, please call (905) 451-2860.  You may connect directly to voicemail by entering one of the extensions listed below, or press "0" to speak to one of our office staff. 


Staff Voicemail Contact Numbers                                

​​​Al-Saati, S. (Lang.)​​714
​Alim, F. (Lang)​753
Alstrom, B. (Soc. Sci.)772
Barnes, D. (Bus./Spec. Ed.)836
​Batke, M. (Lang.)​730
​Beirens, C. (Inclusion)​117
​Bowes, M. (English)​​732
​Brosel, J. (Lang.)​​801
​Bryan, P. (CWS)715
​Burtally, Y. (Lang.)​735
Bury, A. (Math)831
​Cavaleri, G. (English)​856
Chang, R. (Tech./Science)773
​Conklin, M. (English)​731
Courneya, M. (Soc. Sci.)722
​Davis, S. (Library)​780
​Dhaliwal, L. (Science)​734
Doran, M. (Science)726
​Earle, E. (Arts)713
​Farooq, A. (English)​​717
Feilders, M. (Co-op)826
​Fernandez, S. (Tech)​779
​Gajadhar, A. (Inclusion)​812
Geall, D. (Guidance)414
​Gianniotis, Y. (Science)​768
Gorski, A. (Tech./Math)843
Greene, T. (CWS)818
​Habete J. (Lang.)​725
Hackney, A. (Phys. Ed)​​733
Hamilton, D. (Spec.Ed)731
Hawes, S. (Math)770
​Hunt, J. (English)​830
Hynes, C. (Guidance)415
Ingram, K. (Science)785
​Jacobs, P. (Arts)​​815
Kenefick, A. (SS)743
​Kernerman, D. (Science)​747
​Khangura, D. (Science)​832
​Kim, A. (Math)​800
​Kudu, M. (Phys. Ed.)​750
Landry, J. (Spec.Ed.) 430
​Lawrence, T. (English)​814
Lenarduzzi, M. (Tech)741
​Ma, C. (Business)​721
​MacDonald, K. (Inclusion) ​757
​Macklai, Z. (Lang.)​710
Manara, M. (Sec. 23)810
Marchello, K. (Business)739
McFarlane, T. (English)797
McGrath, M. (Phys.Ed.)788
​McMillan, M. (English/Spec. Ed.)​823
Miller, C. (Co-op)763
Mulder, M. (Business)749
​Naddeo, C. (Soc. Sci.)​768
​Ogeer, F. (Math)​804
Pahis, L. (Science)719
​Palmieri, M. (M. Amos House)​765
​Patel, D. (Lang.)​737
Paterson, W. (Tech)805
Pickering, J. (Math)775
Plewes, L. (Soc. Sci.)740
Prangley, D. (Science)821
Rendeiro, E. (CWS)784
​Saka, N. (Lang.)​711
​Salituro, C. (Math)​851
Sansalone, S. (CWS/SS)781
Schmor, M. (CWS)729
Shah, C. (SS)404
​Shaw, J. (Inclusion)​​783
Showalter, B. (Arts)736
Singh, V. (CWS)790
Solomon, W. (Library)795
​Sung, J. (Math)766
Sutton, M. (English)838
Szostak, I. (Coop) 724
​Tom, F. (English/Arts)​774
Toon, J. (Guidance)413
Vukasovic, J. (Math)824
​Williams, S. (Science)​751
​Wong, S. (Math)​819
Zuccato, M. (Mu​sic)

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