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​ To reach a member of the staff of Brampton Centennial Secondary School, please call (905) 451-2860.  You may connect directly to voicemail by entering one of the extensions listed below, or press "0" to speak to one of our office staff. 


Staff Voicemail Contact Numbers                                

Alstrom, B. (CWS/Soc. Sci.)772
Apostolofski, K. (Co-op)711
Barnes, D. (Bus./Math)836
​Bowes, M. (English)​​732
Brandt, D. (Phys Ed/SS)817
Bruce, C. (Math)764
Bryan, P. (CWS)715
Bury, A. (Math)831
​Cecco, A. (Soc. Sci.)736​
Chang, R. (Sci/Tech)773
​Condie, C. (Spec. Ed)​735
Courneya, M. (Soc. Sci.)722
​Crockatt, S. (Arts/English)​807
Davies, R. (Tech)798
Davis, S. (English)780
​De Nicola, E. (Math)​​746
Dittmar, M. (English/Lib.)710
Doran, M. (Science)726
​Earle, E. (Arts)820
Egan, G. (Math/Sci.)753
Feilders, M. (Co-op)826
​Fernandez, S. (Tech)​779
​Fifield, J. (Math)802​
Geall, D. (Guidance)414
Gorski, A. (Tech)843
​Graham, J. (Math)​773
Greene, T. (CWS)818
Hackney, A. (Phys. Ed)733
Hamilton, D. (Spec.Ed)731
Hawes, S. (Math)770
Henry, V. (English)716
Hynes, C. (Science)789
Ingram, K. (Science)785
​Jacobs, P (Art)​​815
​Jasquith, N. (Math)​725
​Jossa, L. (Art)​839
Kenefick, A. (SS)743
​Kennedy, J. (Languages)​738
​Kernerman, D. (Science/Phys. Ed.)​747
​Kudu, M. (Phys. Ed.)​750
Landry, J. (Spec.Ed.) 430
Lawrence, T. (English)814
Lenarduzzi, M. (Tech)741
Manara, M. (Sec. 23)467
​Manning, N. (Languages)​808
Marchello, K. (Business)739
​McClelland, C. (Tech.)​734
McFarlane, T. (English)797
McGrath, M. (Phys.Ed.)788
Miller, C. (CWS)763
Mulder, M. (Business)749
O'Connor, S. (Soc. Sci.)801
Pahis, L. (Phys. Ed./Science)719
​Palmieri, M. (M. Amos House)​765
Paterson, W. (Tech)805
Pavlenko, V. (English/SS)767
Pickering, J. (Math)775
Plewes, L. (Soc. Science)740
Prangley, D. (Science)821
​​Ranger, J. (Math) ​800
Rendeiro, E. (CWS)784
Rhoden, J. (Languages)731
​Rowsell, A. (Eng.)​748
Sandy, A. (Phys.Ed.)787
Sansalone, S. (CWS)781
​Saunders, A. (Languages)​834
Schmor, M. (CWS)729
Shah, C. (Science)717
Siddiqui, A. (Languages)811
Singh, V. (CWS)790
Solomon, W. (Library)795
Speziale, E. (Languages)727
Sung, J. (Science)766
​Suresh, B. (Soc. Sci.)​742
Sutton, M. (Guidance)415
Szostak, I. (Coop/SS) 724
​​Thind, M. (Business)​825
​Tom, F. (Arts)​774
Toon, J. (Guidance)413
​Uyeyama, S. (English)712
​Van, R. (English)​782
​Vlassova, A. (Languages)​720
Vukasovic, J. (Math)824
​Williams, S. (Science)​751
Wong, S. (Math)819
​Zurowski, J (Eng.)723


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