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Secondary School is an exciting time for all teenagers. It is a time to discover one's talents, skills, abilities and knowledge and to put these to use to ensure success in high school.  Achieving success in high school will lead to the development of the necessary skills to achieve success in future endeavours.  Success can be found in any destination whether that be, apprenticeships, the workplace, college and/or university.  At Brampton Centennial, we value each of these destinations equally and proudly support each individual student to achieve their desired goal.  Success takes a lot of hard work and it is a partnership between the student, the school, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the larger community that makes this success possible. 


Brampton Centennial has a school climate that is diverse, inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment.  It is my hope that this climate will allow each student to become the best they can be and be ready upon graduation to find success in their passions and endeavours. 


High school is more than just academics and at Brampton Centennial, we encourage all students to become involved in our vibrant extra curricular program in order to become a well rounded individual.  Many of our students will work in careers and occupations that may not exist today, but will in the future.  By empowering them as modern learners, they will find success today, in order to achieve success tomorrow. 


As the proud principal and a BCSS alumni, I am committed​ to an open door policy in which all voices are heard and respected.  I look forward to this partnership with each and every one of you and wish you the best on a very successful 2019-2020 school year.


Thank you,


Mr. Paul Freier





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