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​The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) Information Page


The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) will be written by all Grade 10 eligible students and previously eligible students on Tuesday, March 31, 2020​ at 8:30 a.m.  


Regular classes are cancelled and students who are not writing the test should remain at home.


Accommodations for Special Education Students & English Language Learner Students


Special Education Students and some English Language Learner students, may qualify for additional time or special accommodations.  A letter will be sent home for parents of students who are eligible.



Test Preparation Materials:


Get Ready Guide​ - This guide provides students with details about test content, instructions for doing the test and tips for doing well.


Planning and Preparation Guide ​- This guide describes the reading and writing skills assessed and the kinds of questions; provides sample test materials and tips for preparing students prior to the test.



Sample Test Materials:


The sample test is a complete test in the same order and with the same instructions as an actual test. The use of the sample test provides parents, students and educators with a test similar in length and format to the one provided during the actual administration and illustrates the types of reading and writing items (questions and prompts) that students will encounter.




OSSLT-scoring-guide-2019 (1).pdf​ 

Literacy Week PowerPoints:


The following PowerPoints were working copies of the materials used by teachers during our Literacy Week activities.  Students are encouraged to view these and look at the student examples.


Lesson # 1 - Introduction to the OSSLT ​

     2. Lesson_ 1- PowerPoint- Introduction to the OSSLT- Language and Key Terms.docx.pptx

Lesson #2-Reading and  Multiple Choice Questions on the OSSLT

       2. Lesson 2- Reading and Multiple Choice Questions on the OSSLT.pptx 

Lesson #3- Written Answers & Short Writing Tasks

        2. Lesson 3- Writing Tasks on the OSSLT.ppt   


Lesson #4- News Report

        2. Lesson 4- News Report on the OSSLT.pptx

Lesson #5- Series of Paragraphs

        Lesson 5- Series of Paragraphs.ppt          


Student photo
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