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Physical and Health Education




The vision is for all students to be physically educated and have fun while moving.  Students who choose to actively participate in quality physical education programs receive a variety of benefits including the development of:

  1. A variety of motor skills and abilities related to lifetime leisure activities.
  2. Improved understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Improved understanding of movement and the human body.
  4. Improved knowledge of rules and strategies of particular games and sports.
  5. Self-confidence and self-worth as they relate to physical education recreation programs.


Physical Education also supports learning and academic achievement in other areas.  Research suggests that increasing time for PE classes may lead to higher test scores in core subject areas – even when that means less time devoted to instruction in those core areas – especially with high quality PE programs that engage all students and keep them active a majority of the time.

Student Expectations 

  1. Show respect for yourself and others:
    • Positive language
    • Safe actions
    • Come to class on time
    • Wear appropriate clothing for activity classes
    • Remove jewelry before activity classes
  2. Take responsibility for your personal actions and your actions in situations
    • If you don’t feel well, change into PE clothing, then meet with your teacher to determine appropriate activity levels for class
    • If you are injured and will be restricted from activity, bring a note specifying restrictions and indicating the date  for return to activity
    • DO NOT enter equipment rooms for use equipment until your teacher gives approval
    • DO NOT bring valuables to the changerooms or the gymnasiums
  3. Respect the PE halls, changerooms, gyms and equipment
  4. Make a positive difference within your class



Assessment and evaluation in PE courses will be based on provincial curriculum expectations.  The four categories for term work evaluation and final evaluation include: Application, Knowledge and Understanding, Communication and Thinking and Inquiry. 


Please note:  the weightings of these categories will vary slightly from course to course.  Please see individual course outlines for further information.


Learning skills will be taught and assessed throughout the course and rated on the report card but will not be included in the final numeric mark:  Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, Self-Regulation.




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