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​Modern Languages


French Goals


The purpose of the French programs is  to develop students’ oral communication (listening and speaking), reading, and writing skills in the French language. All programs emphasize the development of these skills, using a thematic approach and incorporating the use of a variety of media resources.

French must be the language of communication in class, so students can practise speaking in French and consistently hear French spoken. Learning activities contain a balance of oral communication, reading, and writing skills appropriate to the type of course. In addition, these skills are taught in contexts that reflect students’ interests and concerns so that they can apply their knowledge of French in situations that are meaningful to them.

In each course, students are taught a range of specific language structures, which they are expected to master by the end of the course. Previously acquired grammar concepts and language structures should be continuously reviewed and refined throughout the years of study.

As students study French, they gain an appreciation of French literature and an understanding of French societies around the world. Since language and culture are inseparable, the cultural study of French-language regions will be integrated into daily instruction rather than presented in an isolated fashion or on an occasional basis.


Spanish Goals


Language is our principal means of communication. As societies around the world become more closely linked through advances in technology, the ability to communicate in more than one language becomes increasingly important. The study of languages helps students to express themselves with confidence and develops their ability to solve problems and to think creatively. These skills enable students to analyse and use information from around the world and to communicate effectively in the international language for both business and personal purposes.

The Spanish language program develops students’ oral communication and listening skills, and enhances their general learning skills. In addition, the interdisciplinary nature of learning the Spanish language allows students to explore such related areas of study as history, geography, music, art, literature, business, and world issues.


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