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Clubs and More


We're loving our new "common lunch", because it's giving us more opportunities to participate in our school clubs and teams.


This year sees the return of a strong Student Activity Council, in support of:

Announcers Club, Archery, Audio Visual Tech. Team, Baseball - Boys', Basketball - Boys' Junior, Basketball - Boys' Senior, Basketball - Girls', BCSS Christian Club, Breakfast Club, Chess Club, Choir, Computer Club, Computer Programming Contests, Construction Club, Counting On You Tutors, Cross Country Running, Curling (Boys & Girls), Dance Club, DECA, Drama Movie Club, Drama Sears Festival, Drama Theatre Night, Fast Pitch / Baseball - Girls' , Field Hockey - Girls’ , Flag Football, Free the Children, Golf, Green Team, Guys' Group, Hockey - Boys, Improv Club, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Floor Hockey, Intramural Football, Intramural Volleyball, Library Volunteers, Link Crew, MPPA / GSA, Mural Club, Outdoor Adventurers, Peer Tutoring – Math, Prom Committee, Reading Club, Remembrance Day, Science Tutoring, Ski & Snowboard (Girls & Boys), Soccer - Boys', Soccer - Girls' , Spelling Bee, Spirit Squad, Tennis, Track and Field (Boys & Girls), Transportation Club, Volleyball - Girls' Junior, Volleyball - Girls' Senior , Volleyball Jr.– Boys’, Volleyball Sr. – Boys’, White Pine, and Zonta. 


School clubs and other extracurricular activities are an integral part of many students’ high school experience. They provide a chance for students to develop leadership and teamwork skills while pursuing an interest that may lead to a career or lifelong hobby.

Positive participation in activities also increases students' involvement in their school. As well, extracurricular activities are considered an asset on post-secondary school applications by showing additional positive attributes of an applicant that might not be reflected in grades alone.

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