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Technology Learning Commons


Welcome to our Technology Learning Commons!  Our TLC is very different than a traditional Library, Resource Centre or Information Centre.  Castlebrooke’s Technology Learning Commons is a common, or shared, learning space that is both physical and virtual.  The TLC facilitates student learning through exploration, experimentation and collaboration.  Every piece of furniture in the TLC can be easily moved including the stacks!  Electrical and data drops have been placed in such a way to support the flexibility of the space.  This allows students and staff the ability to create their own learning environments.  The Virtual Technology Learning Commons ( allows students and staff access to learning resources anytime and anywhere. 


When you enter Castlebrooke’s Technology Learning Commons, you will notice three distinct areas.  The first area that spans from the entrance to the very back is known as the Leisure Learning Area.  In this area, that seats thirty-two, there are sofas and chairs for students to relax by reading a book or browsing a magazine on a tablet.  Large twenty foot floor to ceiling windows allow an abundance of natural daylight to flood the area. 


The second area is the Classroom Instruction Area where thirty laptops will be used to instruct students on how to find appropriate resources to support inquiry based learning.


The final area is The Collaborative Area where students can work in groups at “c-shaped” tables.


The whole facility supports students bringing their own device (BYOD) by providing a wireless internet signal along with easy access to electrical outlets. 

The non-fiction collection consists of approximately 70% e-books and 30% print books.


The TLC is a place for 21st century learning where students learn and practice the many literacies and technological skills they need to be competent, enthusiastic, self directed learners for life. 


"A library doesn’t need windows. A library is a window." ~ Stewart Brand

Our school library has a number of valuable learning resources available to our school community. Students are encouraged to access these resources for information gathering and to enrich their overall school experience.

Print Resources:

Fiction books
Non-fiction books
Graphic novels
Reference materials
French and other language materials

Electronic Resources:

Online Databases – Peel board’s Library eResources which include access to a wide variety of curriculum based information. Available at school or from home.
eBooks – Fiction and Non-fiction electronic books.
eLibrary – online library catalogue, searchable from homeNon-fiction videos & DVDs
Citation Guides - online access to Source It, with updated citation information.

Teaching and Learning Tools:

Tablets – (Kobo eBook readers, iPads etc.)
LCD projector
Document cameras

Other Resources

Printers (cost may vary)
Photocopiers (cost may vary)
Student photo
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