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Pupil Accommodation Review
Planning together for secondary schools south of the 401

At the Regular Meeting of the Board on April 12, Peel District School Board trustees approved a pupil accommodation review for Gordon Graydon Memorial, Glenforest, Lorne Park, T. L. Kennedy and The Woodlands secondary schools.

The Initial Staff Report, presented to the Board of Trustees on April 12, 2016, recommends closing Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School and relocating secondary school specialty and Regional Learning Choices programs to Glenforest, Lorne Park, T.L. Kennedy and The Woodlands and secondary schools. The report also suggests that the Gordon Graydon site and building be repurposed as the new location for the board’s Adult and Continuing Education Mississauga Campus. It’s important to note that these recommendations are just that—no firm decisions have been made.

The review process is extensive and thorough, and will take time. This is just the beginning of a long conversation about how to best serve our students. The accommodation review is scheduled to conclude in January/February 2017. If the recommendations are approved, transition planning will begin Winter/Spring 2017, and implementation will commence September 2018 with the enhanced programs at Glenforest, The Woodlands, and Lorne Park secondary schools.

How can I get updates and get involved in this process?

All information about the accommodation review has been posted on the Peel board website at Dates, agendas and minutes of all meetings will be posted on the website, along with extensive background information.

You may choose to subscribe to receive email notifications of website updates by visiting, and selecting the “Pupil Accommodation Review” option. You will need to confirm the subscription by replying to an email that will be sent to you once you have completed the online subscription request.

The board will promote public meetings through the board website, school websites, synrevoice messages and/or letters to all affected schools, social media (Twitter and Facebook), and advertisements placed in the local newspaper.

Staff, families and the general public may also submit questions and feedback to A response will be provided within 48 hours of receiving questions and/or feedback. The most frequently asked questions and answers will be posted on the Peel board website at

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