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On behalf of the current students, staff and parents of Cawthra Park Secondary School, I want to welcome the world to our school. Through this website, we can provide you with communications about our school that are accessible when you want and from where you want. 

Cawthra Park is a unique secondary school of approximately 1,300 students located in the southeast corner of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We provide students who live in our immediate community and those from across the City of Mississauga who are selected for the Regional Arts Program, with an exciting learning environment. Our students experience a positive and supportive environment which encourages success. They are taught by a staff with an enthusiastic commitment to a well-rounded program that will prepare them to be lifelong learners.

Our website is both a communications and learning tool. It is the first thing everyone at Cawthra Park sees when we power up our computers each morning. Daily through its text and photos, students, staff and parents keep current with what's happening around our school in the areas of arts, athletics and citizenship. Just as important is the emphasis our website places on academics. It provides all of us with a wonderful learning tool through its connections to online databases, lessons and related links I invite you to tour our school electronically. It is my hope that as you scroll through our pages, you will get a sense of the learning excitement that is Cawthra!


Terry Whitmell


Cawthra Park SS





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