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Clubs and More


Clubs are open to everyone and usually run once a week.

Listen to announcements and check bulletin boards for specific information.





Cawthra Clubs Etc.


Name Teacher Advisor(s) First Date Day of Week Time Room  Frequency General(eligibility etc.)
Anime Ms. Cossette 09-Sep Mon 3:15pm 308 weekly all welcome
Athletic Association Ms. Mielczarek 04-Sep Wed 7:15am 203 weekly all welcome
Cheesegrater (newspaper) Ms. B. Mcleod To be determined          
Chess Ms. Ahmad 23-Sep Mon 3:15pm 207 weekly all welcome
Christian Fellowship Ms. Stevens 10-Sep Wed 8:00am 209 weekly all welcome
Clubs – Mock Trial Kirby-Mcintosh, Laura            
D.E.C.A. Mr. Kernot   Mon 3:15pm 303 weekly all welcome
Debate Ms. Nelson/Ahmad 17-Sep Tues 3:15pm 205 weekly  all welcome
Drama Council Mr. Sprague/Swyer   Tues 3:15pm 114 weekly drama students only. Representatives are interviewed for positions
​Drone Club​Mr. Bowering / Ms. Hickey​Tues & Thurs​3:04pm​weekly​all welcome
Fashion Show Ms. Copithorn/Laverty            
Gardening - Green Works Ms. McLeod/Merkle/Fitzpatrick/Gaynor   Thurs 3:15pm 311 weekly all welcome
Girl’s Group Ms. Best/Francis Thurs    201   by invitation only
​Knitting Club​Thoms/Treichel​Wed​3:15pm​113/208​all welcome - location alternates
LEAP (Leaders Empowering All People) Ms. Kirby-Mcintosh/Cosette/Brinton/Thoms   Thurs 3:15pm 207 weekly all welcome
Lunch time Yoga Ms. J. Miller           C&D; listen to the announcements
​Maker Club​Ms. Hickey, Mr. Bowering​Mon​Lunches​Library​weekly​all welcome
Math Contests Ms. Fernandes, Mr. Nicitopoulos           all welcome; contests  by grade; see the math department
Mosaix Ms. Ghorayeb   by piece C&D 103&301 once per week 2nd semester; all welcome to audition; show Thurs May 22nd
Music Council Ms. Colins            
Nerd Mr. Venema   Wed 3:15pm 105 weekly all welcome
Peer Tutors Ms. Mohiuddin tutoring begins in Oct varies by student       starting Sep 23, see Ms. Mohiuddin if you want a tutor
Photography Ms. Laverty 19-Sep Thurs 3:15-4:30 100 weekly day of week may change based on student membership
QSA, LGBTQSA Mr. Ball   Thurs 3:15pm 111 weekly all welcome
S.H.O.U.T. (Students Helping Out) Ms. Bourdon   Thurs C&D c-207, D-204 weekly all welcome
Science Contests Ms. Watson/Kubelikova            all welcome, by grade/course, listen to pa announcements
Scrabble Club Mr. Ball   Thurs C 111 weekly all welcome
Student Activity Council Ms. Hickey 04-Sep Tues/Fri 7:30am library weekly alternating by election
Timers & Scorers Ms. Kirby            
VAC (Visual Arts Club) Mr. Ball   Wed 3:15pm 111 weekly all welcome
​Watercolour Club​Ms. Robinson​all welcome
Yearbook Ms. Chan-Singh/Hassard/Laverty           teams meet bi-weekly according to their schedules
​YoYo Club​Tues/Thurs


School clubs and other extracurricular activities are an integral part of many students’ high school experience. They provide a chance for students to develop leadership and teamwork skills while pursuing an interest that may lead to a career or lifelong hobby.

Positive participation in activities also increases students' involvement in their school. As well, extracurricular activities are considered an asset on post-secondary school applications by showing additional positive attributes of an applicant that might not be reflected in grades alone.

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