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​​School Musical - 2017




Pick one piece to memorize and present at your audition on Sunday September 10th, 2017. You can learn the song/practice on Youtube - but make sure you choose the "Original Broadway Cast Recording" to ensure it's in the right key.  

There will be a piano player at your audition who will play the sheet music that has been provided to you. Please be memorized and make some strong character choices.  

Deep Into the Ground.pdf (male lead)

Expressing Yourself.pdf (Sing the Billy and Michael lyrics as one person)

Shine.pdf (female lead)

The Stars Look Down.pdf (male/female chorus)

Re: Singing - You do not need to be a "trained singer" or have a "trained sound" for this show.  In fact it's discouraged.  Yes, you have to sing well in order to be in a musical, but the show is about a working class group of miners that really struggle to stand up for their beliefs and rights..... to play those characters accurately, they wouldn't have a lot of vibrato for example.  Plain and simple.  That's the show.... Regular, down to earth people.  

BILLY - If you are choosing to audition for Billy, you must be a strong dancer. The entire show is based around him studying at a ballet school and becoming a very good dancer in a time when it would have been greatly discouraged for a boy to do so.  Please only select that audition piece if you know you are quite a strong dancer and can hit the notes.  *Males with changed voices can sing it down the octave.

MICHAEL - Michael also needs to be a good dancer, but not to the same capacity as  Billy.  *Males with changed voices can sing it down the octave

For more information on the show and the character descriptions/vocal ranges please follow this link,


and click on "Full Cast Info" on the right hand side.

Please check the call board outside of room 104 for updates, and the audition sign up schedule. (Will be posted in September)

See Ms. Tiller in the drama department for questions. 

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