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Help Your Teen Plan for Course Selections for the 2017-18 School Year

Help Your Teen Plan for Course Selections for the 2017-18 School Year

As our partners, families are encouraged to help prepare their teens for course selection. We encourage you to become familiar with the process by creating a myBlueprint account. Additionally, parents/guardians and students can review Chart Your Course, the Peel District School Board's common course calendar, at www.peelschools.org/students/commoncoursecalendar. This guide will help you understand the course selection process and provide information on the courses and programs offered in Peel secondary schools. 

You can visit www.myBlueprint.ca/Peel to access your own myBlueprint account, an online planning tool, to explore features such as:  

  • High School –  plan courses, track progress toward graduation, and instantly identify post-secondary eligibility for opportunities in every pathway
  • Post-Secondary planner– compare detailed information on apprenticeships, college programs, university programs and workplace sectors
  • Career spectrum for finding your learning style
  • Portfolios – create several portfolios (e.g. Career Portfolio) and share them with parents, teachers, or future employers. It's simple to add work you have completed in myBlueprint or add pictures and videos
  • Job Search – find real-world job and volunteering postings that relate to occupations of interest
  • Goals – add interactive SMART goals and action plans
  • Resumes & Cover Letters – record experiences, build a resume, write a cover letter
  • Occupations – compare comprehensive information on occupations
  • Money – build a budget to track income and expenses

    The secondary school course selection process is open from Dec. 5, 2016 to Feb. 21, 2017. If you have questions or are looking for course suggestions, please contact your teen's teachers or guidance counsellor.

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