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Course Selection

        To Choose Courses, students must use the High School Planner on their  

        account.  See the ppt below for instructions for logging in.

  • Students may work on their planner on an ongoing basis, however, students may only submit their courses once. 


The dates to submit courses is between January 11 and January 20





For further information on Choosing Courses, click on the appropriate powerpoint below:


Additional Resource Page for Course Selection:

Directions to Course Selection gr 9 10 11.docx

Course selection is a continual process and should be based on an individual student's interests, abilities and goals. To assist with this process, students are strongly encouraged to speak to their teachers about proposed classes, read course descriptions online or in the Common Course Calendar, talk to their counsellors and parents, and speak to students who have previously taken these classes. Students choose their classes onlineā€”a password is required which can be obtained through the school.

Career Research

Students are encouraged to consult the following online resources prior to choosing their courses: Username | Password : contact your guidance counsellor

Course Changes

Once a student chooses a course, they are expected to remain enrolled in that course, unless there are special circumstances. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers and counsellors, should any difficulties and/or challenges arise.

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