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Commencement 2015 - November 6, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

Where do I go once I get to Chinguacousy?

Go immediately to the library to pick up your cap and gown.  Pick up tables are arranged in alphabetical order by surname. 
Note: Do not socialize at this time, there will be time to do so at the reception after Commencement.

Next, proceed quickly to your assigned room to prepare for the ceremony. 


Do I have to wear a cap and gown?  Cap and gown are traditional for students walking across  the stage.  If you have placed your order and paid $20, you are eligible to pick up your cap and gown in the library on the day of Commencement.  If you have not previously ordered your cap & gown, please contact the school (ext. 409) immediately.


What should I wear under my gown?
This is an important occasion and you should dress accordingly.  Business attire would be appropriate.  Ladies, please ensure that you are able to walk safely on the stairs if wearing high heeled shoes.


On what side do I put my tassel?
Your tassel goes on the right side until you receive your diploma.  Once you have received your diploma, you should place it on the left side.


What do I have to do during the ceremony?
When lining up in your assigned room, you will receive a ceremony card which will have your first and last name and any awards granted.  You may complete the space designated for current location ( i.e. workplace, college, university, or Chinguacousy), When you reach the side of the stage, you will hand your paper to the reader, who will announce you.  Note:  If you have a name that is difficult to pronounce, please give the reader the correct pronunciation before your name is read. You will walk to centre stage where a member of the administration will present you with your diploma and shake your hand.  You will then return to your assigned seat (via the stairs at the front of the stage) for a musical interlude, followed by the presentation of special awards.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, the staff and students will file out together.


How do I know if I've won an award?
If you are an award recipient, you will be notified by mail or by phone by the Awards Committee. 


What do I do with my cap and gown after the ceremony?
The gown must be returned to the library immediately following the ceremony.  However, you may keep the cap as a souvenir of Commencement 2015.


Do I have to R.S.V.P. for Commencement?
Yes,  and by ordering and paying for your gown you have already confirmed your attendance and will be on the commencement list of graduates.  However, if you have not already done so, please contact the school  to R.S.V.P. and arrange for a cap and gown before Monday, October 26, 2015.


I don't plan on attending Commencement.  How do I get my diploma?
Diplomas are available for student or parent pick-up in the Main office of Chinguacousy S.S. after Nov. 9th during regular office hours: Mon. - Fri. 7:30—3:30 p.m.


What do I do if I have questions about Commencement?
Call Mrs. Fletcher in the Guidance office at 905-791-2400 ext. 409.

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