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Annual parent conference helps parents empower modern learners

The Peel District School Board is hosting its annual parent conference, co-presented by the Peel Elementary Teachers' Local, on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at Mississauga Secondary School in Mississauga. The conference will focus on Empowering Modern Learners. Parents will have the opportunity to attend workshops on topics, including numeracy, literacy, special education, technology and science.

This free learning event is open to Peel parents of students at all grade levels.

Our keynote presentation will be delivered by Dwayne Matthews, a life and education strategist, who converges and shares knowledge on modern learning, disruptive technology, and the evolution of work. Dwayne will present Learning in the 21st century: Why it's different, why it matters and how to help children thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Registration is open.

​To register and more information, visit www.peelschools.org/parents/conference.

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It's time to elect student trustees for the 2018-19 school year!

​Being a student trustee for the Peel District School Board is a great opportunity for secondary students. As a student trustee, you represent the voice of students in decisions about education in Peel, and help keep students informed about important decisions that affect them. For the 2018-19 school year, the Peel board will select two student trustees – one representing schools NORTH of Highway 401 and one representing schools SOUTH of Highway 401. Learn more about how to apply and important dates: www.peelschools.org/studenttrustees 

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Clarkson in the News

NEWS release - Jan. 22, 2018

Peel board, Football North build on partnership to introduce junior varsity prep team for grade 9, 10 students

Beginning September 2018, the Football North preparation (prep) program will field a junior varsity team, along with a varsity team. The prep program is offered at Clarkson Secondary School in Mississauga and geared towards high-performing student athletes who train year-round in football.

"Football North has committed themselves to the Clarkson Secondary School community through sports infrastructure at the school, community-building and professional development for all Peel board football coaches," says Mary Zammit, principal at Clarkson. "We're excited to build on the existing partnership and continue the success for all students and staff involved."

In September 2016, the Peel District School Board entered into a partnership agreement with Football North to offer a first-of-its-kind football prep program, offered in a Canadian public school. Since its inaugural year, more than 100 top high school football players from across and outside of Ontario have been selected by Football North to be a part of the program, with many of the students receiving university scholarships for football in Canada and the United States.

"Football North ensures our student-athletes get a world-class football and educational experience, already enabling some to get scholarships from top schools like Syracuse, Hawaii, Maine, Western, and more," says Larry Jusdanis, head coach and director of football operations with Football North. "The junior varsity program will provide the best year-round football training and academic support. Multiple years of competing against the top high school programs in North America will be a difference maker for these student-athletes. " 

Applications to the Football North prep program are not being accepted through the Peel board or through Clarkson. Families/Players must contact Football North directly to learn more about their recruitment process, which they run independently. Students who are accepted into the Football North prep program will be registered as students at Clarkson. For more information and to apply for the prep program, visit www.clarksonfootballnorth.ca.

Media Contact:  Mary Zammit, principal at Clarkson Secondary School, 905-822-6700, mary.zammit@peelsb.com

Larry Jusdanis, head coach and director of football operations with Football North, coach@footballnorth.ca

Reference:  Ryan Strang, communications officer, 905-890-1010 ext. 2814, ryan.strang@peelsb.com

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2018 Parent Conference

​Empowering Modern Learners - Saturday, March 24, 2018,

8 am to 2:30 pm.​ 

​Parents can register for sessions online from Feb. 5 to March 5 at http://www.peelschools.org/parents/conference​

Speaker - Dwayne Matthews

Learning in the 21st century: Why it's different, why it matters and how to help children thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world




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Prevent the flu. It's in your hands.

​Hand washing is the most important way to prevent the spread of infection. Always wash your hands with soap and water when they are dirty.

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Celebrating Faith & Culture - January 2018

Upcomming Events

Morning Podcast (Black History Month)

8:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Film Festival (Black History Month)

10:35 AM - 11:55 AM

Guest Speaker - Sgt. J. Edwards (Black History Month) - Grade 9s

1:15 PM - 2:25 PM

Academic Awards Ceremony

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM, Theatre

Reggae Dancehall Friday (Black History Month)

10:40 AM - 11:55 AM, DJing in caf

Caribbean Food Vendor in caf: McKoy's Caribbean Fusion (Black History Month)

10:40 AM - 11:55 AM
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