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Pay for school fees using School Cash Online

Our school offers School Cash Online, a safe and secure form of online payment, as its preferred method of payment for all school fees. With a parent-friendly portal and an easy way to keep track of your child's activity fees, you can use School Cash Online to pay for school items like field trips and pizza days directly from your computer or smartphone using eCheck, Visa or MasterCard.

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December Dates and Information

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From The Modern Languages Department

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Languages Department is planning Café français .  Together with our classes, we will  be making and eating Belgian waffles with fresh fruit while practicing our communication skills in French.  This activity is under the supervision of Mme Gerulath, Señora Loutrianakis,  Mme Héneault, Monsieur Bonful, Monsieur Outbih and Mme Dlugosz. This will occur during your son or daughter's Grade 9 French class on Wednesday, December 14th .

The cost per pupil for is $2.00. Please pay online at peelschools.schoolcashonline.com

We are looking forward to a fun and educationally meaningful activity.  Please indicate any food allergies to your teacher so that we may make necessary accommodations.


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Peel board empowers modern learners in new vision for 21st century teaching and learning

​Technological innovations have transformed our world into one that is always connected and rapidly evolving, bringing new opportunities for employment, as well as civic engagement and learning, on unprecedented local and global scales. In the same spirit of innovation, the Peel District School Board has revisited its Vision for 21st Century Teaching and Learning​ and updated it to more clearly reflect its collective commitment to develop active and critically engaged citizens.

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Bus cancellation & closing schools due to bad weather / Winter bus safety

During the winter months, we may need to cancel buses or close schools because of inclement weather.

Information regarding details of cancellations or closures will be announced on radio and television stations listed below and posted at www.peelschools.org, school websites and www.stopr.ca. Information will also be available on Twitter (@Peelschools), Facebook (www.facebook.com/peelschools) or by calling 905-890-1010 or 1-800-668-1146.

VIRGIN RADIO FM99.9                       

CHUM AM1050                      


CFNY FM102.1/AM640                      

CJCL AM590                           


NEWSTALK 1010 AM                          

EZ ROCK FM97.3                    


FM Z103.5                                          


FM Q107

CHIN FM100.7/AM1540                    



BREAKFAST TELEVISION                     

GLOBAL NEWS                                   


One of the following messages will be announced (highlighted text only):

Peel District School Board buses are cancelled. 

This means that schools remain open for students and staff, but buses are cancelled. Bus cancellations could occur in all or parts of municipalities. Buses will remain cancelled all day. All activities that require busing will also be cancelled. Permits, night school classes, child care and other activities in schools will operate as usual.

All Peel District School Board schools and board offices are closed.

This means that all schools and Board offices are closed to students and staff. All activities in schools and board offices are also cancelled, including child care, night school and permits.

All evening programs and permits at the Peel District School Board are cancelled.

This means that all activities in schools and Board offices are cancelled, including continuing education courses and events. The buildings will be closed.

All weekend programs and permits at the Peel District School Board are cancelled.

This means that all activities in schools and Board offices are cancelled, including continuing education courses and events. The buildings will be closed.

*NEW* Community Corner

Stay up-to-date with community-based opportunities

The Peel District School Board is pleased to introduce an electronic resource page on www.peelschools.org called, Community Corner, which contains links to information and resources in the community that may be of interest to students and their families. This site replaces our previous method of sending promotional materials about community clubs, camps, contests, fundraisers and events home with students on a regular basis.

How you can access Community Corner

1.      Visit www.peelschools.org/parents/communitycorner

2.      Click on the "Community Corner"  button, found on the main page of school websites, as well as on www.peelschools.org


Winter bus safety

The following winter school bus safety tips will help to keep your child safe throughout the winter months.

  • Allow extra time to get to your bus stop.
  • Wear bright clothing so the bus can see you in the early morning and late evening.
  • Stand away from where the bus stops. Buses need extra room to stop when there is snow and ice.
  • Use the handrail when boarding or exiting the bus to prevent slipping on wet or icy steps or road surfaces.
  • Dress properly—winter clothing, hats, and boots will keep you warm.
  • Don't throw snowballs at the bus or other children waiting for the bus.
  • Don't slide on the snow or ice patches in driveways or on the street.
  • Don't push or shove around the bus. Someone could fall down on the ice and get hurt.

    On very rare occasions, buses are late because of weather conditions or mechanical problems. Talk to your child about what to do if the bus is late. Here are some suggestions:
  • When possible, wait with your child for the bus.
  • Make sure your child knows a phone number where he can reach you or another trusted adult.
  • Teach your child how and where to get help. Talk to your child about what a "safe" stranger is.
  • Help your child set up a bus stop buddy system so your child has someone to wait with for the bus.
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RLCP Regional Learning Choices Programs

Upcomming Events



Course Selection Gr. 9 - 12 begins


Early Release Day

8:00 AM - 10:40 AM

Holiday Concert @ 7 pm


Principal's Reception

8:15 AM - 9:20 AM

Holiday Spirit Week

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