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Parent Web


The Parent Web Profile is a communication tool available to parents/guardians of Clarkson Secondary School students that parents/guardians may wish to access.  The profile option allows parents/guardians to access diploma status, credit history and attendance of their children on a daily basis.  With respect to attendance, parents are able to see specific absence information (e.g., absence codes, dates) for each course and are able to view information for multiple students (children).



How do I start?



1.       Log on to  http://gweb.peelschools.org/pls/opt/opt.main?IN_SCREEN=parents


You will see this screen. 


How do I Request Access to the system?


2.   Using the navigation bar on the left of your computer screen, click Request Access.


3.    Fill in the required information: 

-Click in the First Name field and type your first name. Press TAB.

-Enter your surname in Surname field. Press TAB

-Select your birth month from the dropdown list. Press TAB

-Select your birth day from the dropdown list. Press TAB

-Enter your email address in Email Address field. Press TAB

-Once it is complete, click on 'submit request'.  This sends the "Request Student Access"  to Clarkson Secondary School.

4.   Repeat Steps 1-4 for each of your children.


When can I log on to the Parent Web Profile site?



Two things have to happen prior to your being able to log on to the Parent Web Profile site:


Firstly, Clarkson SS must verify, prior to granting access to the site, that you are a parent/guardian with custodial rights to the child for whom you are requesting access. 


Secondly, you will need to receive an e-mail either accepting or declining your request.  This will

take approximately 2 weeks.  





It is 2 weeks later, and I've received notification of approval, now what?


Once you are approved and notified, go back to the same site where you requested

access and log in.  Bookmarking this site will make access easy.



What if there are errors or I have concerns?


 Errors on the reporting system that may occur during the day can be rectified with a note

 from the parents/guardians the following day and will be corrected within a few days of

 the receipt of the note.


If a parent is concerned with the attendance being recorded at the school, a phone call to

the subject teacher or guidance counsellor is advised.



Thank you for your continued support of Clarkson Secondary School and we hope that the Parent Web Profile is just another way that home and school can work closely together to help your son/daughter reach their full potential. 

Visit Parent Web for information on your teen’s attendance, credit history and diploma status, as well as course selection and other information.

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