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Clarkson Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Minutes


January 23, 2013 - 7:00 pm

Principal’s Conference Room



Martine Brouillet, Cathy Patterson,  Phyllis Bilan, Anne-Marie May, Debi Lawrence, Jim Kardash, Sue Piotrowski, Jayne Manktelow, Guylaine Juteau, Sue McMillan, (Guidance) May Wong, (Business) Lisa Ngo-Nguyen (SAC)


Approval of previous Minutes - November 21, 2012                                     APPROVED


Principal’s Report

·         Cathy Patterson information on the recent tragedy with respect to the death of a Grade 11 student.

·         She noted the Board is launching a ‘Hiring Policies’ program

·         Clarkson expects to have 13 additional International students for the Fall term plus another possible 14 for the following 2nd semester.

·         With respect to the union action pending resolution, certain activities are on hold. These include hockey, swimming & basketball. Intra-mural sports are all taking place.


Presentation by Sue McMillan (Guidance Dept)

·      Sue McMillan presented an overview and updated us on the Guidance Department.

·      She noted that 1 in 5 students are struggling with mental health issues.

·      She highlighted the school’s mental health awareness program and the efforts to reach out to the students affected by the recent death of a Grade 11 student. There has been a positive outcome from this and as a result, some students have come forward for additional support.

·      She also noted that students are shown the various post secondary pathways available to them at various grades.


SAC Report

·      Lisa Ngo-Nguyen reported on behalf of SAC noting Grade 8 presentations to various feeder schools had gone well.

·      There had been Parent Night meetings including tours and academic information disseminated.

·      Students had enjoyed various Holiday Week activities.

·      The plans for a semi-formal are on hold pending survey results.



·      Balance at Jan 17th $816.34.  A disbursement of $536.24 was approved  - $36.24 for the Barbara Coloroso Fund and $500 for the Parent Engagement Fund, the latter of which is an initiative involving Nutrition & Healthy Eating. This is an initiative spearheaded by Clarkson Community At Peace.

·      The Council approved $300 be set aside for the Council Award. Clarkson administrators will identify the recipients at the next meeting of Council.


Principal profile consultation

·      Martine reviewed the notes presented from the previous discussions regarding desired attributes and the form was approved.



Staff Appreciation Treat Day

·      This item was put on hold pending the outcome of the union action. A tentative date  could  be May 7th if we decide to go forward with the event.


ByLaws Committee

·      Sue Piotrowski agreed to review the Bylaws  for the April meeting.


Upcoming Meetings:


Wednesday - April 17, 2013          


Council Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and take place in the Principal’s Conference Room.                                

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