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  • During the course of the year, we receive donations from parents and raise funds through bake sales and our QSP magazine campaign.  A big thank you to everyone who has participated and helped us contribute to student life at Clarkson SS.  The funds are used to fund school council awards that have been handed out for several years at commencement.  The Council funds 2 awards of $150.00 annually to assist students with their academic needs after high school.


    THE QSP magazine campaign runs all year long. Our school receives approximately 37% of the cost of each order placed on the QSP website. Simply go online to www.qsp.ca and use Clarkson's group number: 3719150. Funds raised are used to support important goals and programs that benefit our school and its students.

    • QSP:  Magazine sales through QSP is a popular way for schools to raise money.  School Council receives an amount based on subscriptions sold. 
    • Visit the QSP website at  www.qsp.ca  and use the online ID  3719150

    Parent Donations: As for our other fundraising, parents' donations are used to support other needs in the school. Our school council is a very dedicated and dynamic group who truly cares about the future of Clarkson SS.  All parents are welcome to attend our meetings.

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