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When? Monday to Friday from 7:20 a.m. to 7:50 a.m.

Where? Room 200

Cost? $1.00 per breakfast


Good Start-Offs to School Days!



Special thanks go to all students and staff who continued to assist in making Clarkson’s Breakfast Café Program a success again this year. Gratitude is extended to our many Volunteers who arrive very early in the morning to prepare a delicious breakfast for our students and staff.


As well, many thanks go to our Student Volunteers who continue to be a vital asset in all aspects of the breakfast program: Alicia K.,  David R., Robbie T., Jacqueline W., Jade A., Jazzmine K., Judy Z., Linda M., Pauline K., Ria T.-B., William Y., Paul T., David V., Susie S. and David Q.  Thank you, all!


We gratefully acknowledge the dedication and hard work of Clarkson staff members, for without their help, the program would not be successful.  Thanks go to Ms. Luffman, Mr. Kittel, Ms. Powell, Ms. Green, Mr. Thomas, all the students of the Applewood School and Ms. Johnson.  A warm welcome and gratitude is extended to Ms. Bakyta,  and Ms. Sargant who joined us this year in the breakfast program.  Joining us second semester we were fortunate to have  our new community volunteers Kelta Fleck and Lila  who are members of the Clarkson Presbyterian Church.  All of our exceptional volunteers are all making the Café a welcoming place to begin the school day!


Many thanks go out to Ms. Campolongo, who organized a basketball game between the Clarkson Elite team and the Peel Police team. The proceeds of this buyout event, $1,500.00 went to the Breakfast Club.


We were pleased to receive a significant donation from Golder Associates Engineering Firm this semester. Executives from Golder Associates arrived early in the breakfast café  to  help prepare a grilled cheese breakfast for our Chargers. They also donated a cheque of  $1,000.00 so that our students could enjoy free breakfasts for most of second semester. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for this corporate donation!


As we wrap up the 2013-2014 school year, Chargers, please remember that ALL students are welcome to join us on weekday mornings (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings) in Room 200 – 7:20 a.m. to 7:55 a.m.  If you wish to volunteer and earn community service hours in the Clarkson Breakfast Café for next year, please see Ms. Luffman.


Our Café healthy breakfast menus consist of a choice of scrambled eggs with chicken bacon, grilled cheese, bagels, sandwiches, breakfast wraps, fruit parfaits and much more!  Thanks to Ms. Bakyta and her Business class, for all your assistance in updating our breakfast program.  You can see our Breakfast program on Twitter and on Facebook.  If you wish to join the

Breakfast Café and have not completed a form in previous years, please  bring a signed Permission Form and bring a token donation of $1.00 for each breakfast, to keep the program running.  Breakfast coupons are available from Ms. Bakyta, Ms. Luffman  or any Clarkson staff member, for any student requesting and requiring a breakfast without charge. 


Clarkson Students!

See you at our Breakfast Café

at 7:20 a.m. in Room 200


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