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Welcome to Business Studies at David Suzuki!

Welcome to a world of opportunity; welcome to the business department at David Suzuki!  Business courses offered at David Suzuki will provide students with the skills that they will use throughout high school, directly in the workforce, and in future post secondary education.  As a department we combine theory with hands onlearning to create a fun and engaging experience.


Our grade 9, Introduction to Information Technology (BTT100) course provides the essential skills students require in operating computers and learning to use Microsoft Office programs effectively.  Such programs include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of web design! 
This is a very hands on course.  Students will spend every day in a computer lab developing their skills with these programs.  In addition, students will learn about computer ethics, such as: how to protect themselves against viruses, cyber bulling and e-waste.


Our grade 10, Introduction to Business (BBI200) course is the first step for students to explore ALL components of business: production, marketing, managing people, accounting, finance/stock market and running your own business.  Students spend a few weeks learning about each topic with a combination of individual and team based tasks.  In addition, students will learn how to develop their public speaking, teamwork and leadership skills through interactive class activities.
Each semester, all grade 10 business students will participate in VENTURE WEEK, where they run their own business at David Suzuki and raise money for charity.

Grade 11 business course descriptions for 2012/2013 school year:


Marketing (BMI3C0) Students examine consumer consumption patterns and motivation, as well as the major factors that play a role in identifying consumer, industrial, and institutional target markets. Furthermore, students study how market research, the analysis of change in the economy, and the global market place play key roles in the segmenting of markets. This course enables students to apply the theory covered, by embracing the strategic aspects of marketing in their final culminating project. This activity allows students to utilize the different tools of marketing to properly position and develop a marketing plan for their product.


Accounting (BAF3M0) This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and procedures of accounting, with emphasis on accounting procedures used in service and merchandising businesses. Students develop an understanding of the connections between financial analysis, control, and ethical decision making in the management of a business, as well as the effects of technology and globalization on accounting procedures and the role of the accountant.


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