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Pay for school fees using School Cash Online

Our school offers School Cash Online, a safe and secure form of online payment, as its preferred method of payment for all school fees. With a parent-friendly portal and an easy way to keep track of your child's activity fees, you can use School Cash Online to pay for school items like field trips and pizza days directly from your computer or smartphone using eCheck, Visa or MasterCard.​

Register to get started
By registering, you'll have the ability to:

  • Keep track of your children's school items and activity fees
  • Check account history
  • Print or view receipts
  • Make donations to Peel District School Board students and programs online and instantly receive a tax receipt. Donations to any other charitable organizations should NOT be made using the "Make a donation" button.
  • Pay for school fees with the click of a button
  • Receive notifications about upcoming events  

For more information and to register, visit https://peelschools.schoolcashonline.com or click the following School Cash Online button SchoolCashOnline_websitebutton.png on the right side of the page.

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Final Exams for Semester 1


Reminder that Exams begin Jan 24 - Jan 31.  The last day of Cafeteria food service is January 23rd.

The exam schedule is posted online.

On the first exam day, January 24, there will be classes in the morning. The first Exam begins at 10:30am.  Students should be in the exam room at 10:15am.  The Exams on Thursday, Friday and Monday will begin at 9:00am.  Students should be in exam rooms at 8:45am.

Busses will run their regular times.  Students who take the IB Bus will be picked up at 11:15 on January 25th - 31st.

In the event of school closure due to inclement weather, that exam day will be moved to January 30th.

Tips for Exam Days

  • WASHROOM/DRINK of WATER - Students should make an effort to go to the washroom and get a drink before the exam starts. Students will not be permitted to leave within the first or last 15 minutes of an exam.

  • TEXTBOOKS/BORROWED SCHOOL RESOURCES - to avoid a debt owed to the school, make sure you hand in all textbooks and borrowed school resources/materials, including items owed to the Library and/or Phys. Ed. Dept.

  • WHAT CAN I BRING INTO the  EXAM ROOM? - only teacher-approved resources, materials and electronic devices (i.e. graphing calculators) are permitted in the exam room. All other resources and personal electronic devices (such as cell phones and smart watches)should be turned off and put away (not brought into the exam room).  Books, bags and coats are not permitted in the exam room.

SEMESTER 1 FINAL REPORT CARDS and EXAM REVIEW will take place on Friday February 2rd 10:40 to 2:26 p.m. A room list will be posted so you know where to find your teachers.

Semester 2 begins February 2nd, 2018.

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Grade 9 Math EQAO - Semester 1

​All students currently enrolled in a Grade 9 Math class this semester - students in Ms. Telford's, Ms. Shiffman's, Mr. Tang and Ms. Ward's classes will participate in the EQAO Assessment on Wed. Jan. 17th and Thurs. Jan. 18th (in-class time). This is a regular school day and the students will write the test in their regular math period.  Students are reminded to bring a calculator to class.  Cell phones are not permitted for EQAO.


All students have received an information letter about the test as well as those students who are eligible for accommodations and extra time.

For more information about the test as well as practice tests, please visit www.eqao.com or http://www.eqao.com/en/assessments/grade-9-math


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Prevent the flu. It's in your hands.

​Hand washing is the most important way to prevent the spread of infection. Always wash your hands with soap and water when they are dirty.

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Exam Schedule January 2018

There has been an update. Please useFinal Exam Schedule Jan 2018.pdf

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Saturday Program Mississauga 2017-2018

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