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School Council
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Council Executive


Erindale’s School Council welcomes parents to join our meetings to keep in touch with what’s happening with your child’s school and education.



- Chantel Kowdrysh

- Melanie Nicholson



- Theresa Edwards

The Erindale School Council is an organization comprised of:

• Parents of Erindale students
• Students attending Erindale
• Erindale’s Principal
• Erindale Staff members
• A Community Representative

Why should you come to School Council meetings?

• Be a part of your child's education
• Be a part of your community
• Have your concerns answered
• Make suggestions
• To find out what is happening at Erindale
• Academics, Sports, Programs
• Timetables (class schedules)
• Early schools dismissal for staff meetings
• Extra curricular activities


School Council Meeting Details

What time: 7:00 pm
Where: Erindale School Library
Who: parents who want to be informed/involved
Why: to connect with other parents and to find out what is happening at Erindale


2017-18 Meeting Dates ( 7 p.m. - Library )


Tues. Oct. 10th 2017

Tues. Nov. 14th 2017

Tues. Jan. 16th 2018  

Tues. Feb. 13th 2018

Tues. Apr. 10th 2018

Tues. May  8th 2018


Links to Parent Council Resources


(1) Link to the PDSB Parent's Page (click on the link below):




(2) Link to Webinar Video Series on School Councils (click on the link below):




(3) Link to How Schools Councils Operate (click on the link below):




(4) Link to Checklist of School Council Commitments (click on the link below):





Archive of Minutes


 School Council Feb 13, 2018 Minutes.pdf

  School Council Jan 2018 Minutes .pdf

 School Council Oct 10 2017 Minutes.pdf

 School Council Feb 7 2017 Minutes (rev).pdf

 School Council Jan 17 2017 Minutes.pdf

 SchoolCouncil May10th 2016.pdf



At the Peel District School Board, our mission is to inspire success, confidence and hope in each student – each and every day. This year's Annual Report captures the incredible work that took place in Peel schools and work sites during the 2016-2017 school year, and that continues to happen every day. 
You can view it online at to see, first-hand, how our staff and families work together to make a difference in the lives of students.  http://www.peelschools.org/aboutus/annualreport/Pages/default.aspx 

Each Peel board school has a school council—a group focused on helping students succeed.

Councils offer advice to the school principal on a number of topics. In Peel, most of the work of councils focuses on three main areas: school community communication strategies, ways of responding to parents and the community and school code of behaviour. School councils include parents, school staff, community representatives and, in some cases, students.

We welcome and encourage the participation of parents and community members in our schools, and on councils.

Everything you need to know about school councils includes information on the role of council, the term of office for elected positions and more. You can also find out more in Your School Council Guide — a one-stop shop for school council members in Peel. Visit the School Council section of the Peel board website for more information.

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