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This program is designed to accommodate the learning needs of adolescents with severe learning disabilities as identified through a Psycho Educational Assessment.  Students must meet specific criteria and be presented at the Central Board Office to be considered for a placement within the program.  Each year, only 24 spots are opened up. 


Through intensive learning accommodations, students will follow the curriculum expectations of the Applied and/or Academic levels of the Ontario Secondary Curriculum.


Program Objectives:

  • To provide extensive accommodations and some curriculum modifications, if required, in order to support the student with compulsory academic subjects (e.g.. English, Math, Science, History, Geography, Careers, Civics)
  • To encourage self-advocacy skills and teach learning strategies that will enable the student to achieve greater academic independence.
  • Support the integration of assistive technology and compensatory software – Kurzweil, Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • To prepare the student for increased integration into the regular secondary program
  • To improve competency in literacy skills

Students anticipate coming to the Program because they believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for success and for a pathway to college and/or university.




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