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The Fletcher's Meadow S.S. Mathematics Department was the proud recipient of the Ken Fryer Award presented by OAME (Ontario Association of Mathematics Education) for the top department in the province in the 2005-2006 school year. It was awarded for overwhelming collegiality, implementation of new curriculum and innovative programs with new technology.

Learning Technology

For the past few years now, Texas Instruments has chosen FMSS as a pilot site for testing their newest calculator, the TI NSpire. TI has provided over $10 000 worth of technology for our use. Students in Senior University Math courses are required to rent/purchase one for the semester. These students use the Nspire everyday both for classwork and homework and are expected to use them on tests and assessments. Junior students will use Nspires in class for lessons and activities.

Grade 8 Review Resources

The Grade 8 Review package and the Grade 8 Review Diagnostic Test. are resources that students can work through in order to ensure that they are ready for the content that we will cover in Grade 9.



The Grade 9 EQAO test will be written January 12th for students taking math semester one.
For Grade 9 math students in semester two, the EQAO test is June 15th.

Math Extra Help Centre

Monday - Thursday from 3:15 - 4:15 in Room 320. If you need help, show up with your work and ask the teachers or peer tutors in the room. If you would like to become a math peer tutor, please see a math teacher for more information.

Also see online resources: - Students practice skills and do a quick review test after. - This site has short videos that review many concepts.

Math Contests

There is a group of students wanting to write the Math contests. Contact the math department to join the group.


Numeracy Day Contest - May 9th


Math in Everyday Life - slides



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