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Pupil Accommodation Review update

​Click 'full story' to view an update on the construction and renovation work to take place at Glenforest Secondary School, as a result of last year's Pupil Accommodation Review. 

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IB DP Gr. 11 & 12, final report cards

These IB students will receive their report cards

in the mail during the week of July 9th.

Students can access their IB marks on

IBIS on July 6th after 11:00am.

PIN numbers are posted on Managebac under the plans tab.

We wish you a great summer.
The Glenforest IB team.

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Summer well-being

Summer break is around the corner! The psychological and physiological benefits of summer are hard to beat. However, while summer allows for a break from the routine and structure of the school year, for some children and youth, it can be stressful to be away from school. So, while the stressors change when the last school bell signals summer, they don't disappear.

Here at a few tips for summer well-being to keep everyone safe and having fun in the sun!

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We Welcome the World Centres

The Peel District School Board's We Welcome the World Centres located in Brampton, Malton and Mississauga, are the first point of contact for all newcomer families to become familiar with the educational system in Peel. The centres are open all year—including the summer months— from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Plan of Care, Prevalent Medical Conditions

PPM 161 Letter to Families.pdf

Please contact the GFSS school office if your student's

information needs to be updated.

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On the road again—how to keep your cyclist safe

​Here are some tips you can review with your child to ensure bike season gets off to a great start:

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