Special Education
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To gain full benefit from the experience of high school, we believe that all students require support from teachers, peers, family and friends to thrive.  Some students have strengths and needs that require supports beyond those received in the regular school setting.  These needs may be met through a special education program that is outlined by the province and put into practice by the school board and specifically, Glenforest Secondary School.


In Ontario, students who meet the criteria under The Education Act on Special Education are provided with special education programs and services and an Individual Education Plan  (IEP).  At Glenforest Secondary School we co-create IEPs for every formally identified student and at times, for the informally identified student (principal’s discretion).


We offer:


  • Regional Enhanced Program
  • Support for behavioral, communicational, intellectual, physical and/or multiple exceptionalities
  • Peer Mentorship Program


The Glenforest Secondary School staff thrives on the many opportunities provided to customize their learning and continue to develop professionally so that students gain the most from their high school experience.  Consistently developing innovative programs, using school and external resources, teaching and learning through differentiated instruction and fostering a positive school climate through collaboration, the Special Education Program at Glenforest Secondary School is geared toward optimal student success.


Parents and students have the ability to use PREMIER ASSISTIVE TECH at home.

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