Special Education
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Head of Special Education Department: Ms. Adzievski

Lead Teacher: Mrs. Kharakia

Regional Enhanced Learning Centre: Glenforest Secondary School
Grades: 9 - 12
SCHOOL PHONE: 905-625-7731

School Motto
Participate ~ Respect ~ Achieve
Offer the Best - Expect the Best - To be your Best

I.E.P. Gifted Plan

The program focus for students in the Regional Enhanced Learning Program may
- acquisition and extension of information processing skills
- analysis of broad-based questions, problems and themes
- development of a sense of the "connectedness" of all knowledge
- instruction and practice of various styles of thinking (critical,
creative, productive, divergent)
- emphasis on a repertoire of problem solving skills, habits of mind
- growth in self-awareness, attitudes and articulation
- access to curriculum expectations beyond their chronological age

Student photo
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