Special Education
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Suggested Readings for gifted teens and their parents:

The Gifted Kids' Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook. Galbraith and Delisle, Free Spirit Publishing.
ISBN 1-5742-003-1

Personality and Intelligence. Sternberg & Ruzgis, Cambridge University Press.
ISBN 0-521-41790-2

Smart Boys: Talent, Manhood and the Search for Meaning. Kerr and Cohn, Great Potential Press.
ISBN 0-910707-43-X

Smart Girls: A New Psychology of Girls, Women and Giftedness. Barbara A. Kerr, Great Potential Press. ISBN 0-910707-26-X

Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It. Kenneth L. Higbee, Marlowe & Company.
ISBN 1-56924-629-7

When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers. Galbraith and Delisle. Free Spirit Publishing.
ISBN 1-57542-107-0

Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations of Gifted Students. Baum & Reis. Sage Publications, Inc.
ISBN 10: 1412904323

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Everyday. Michael J. Gelb, Dell Publishing
ISBN 10: 0440508827

Critical Thinking:Learn the Tools the Best Thinkers Use. Richard Paul, Linda Elder. Pearson, Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-170347-1
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