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Valuable Intellectual Virtues
The Critical Thinking Community

Peel Summer Academy is a unique summer residential program for INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED STUDENTS offered by the Peel District School Board, in partnership with the University of Toronto at Mississauga and Memorial University, Newfoundland.
Peel Summer Academy

E=MC2 program at Queen's University

Online registration begins in February, 2010 for each of two weeks in May.
Enrichment Studies Unit - E=MC2

School Finder

Waterloo Unlimited is a unique enrichment opportunity for high school students in grades 10 through 12. Offered during the school year, Unlimited brings together curious, motivated, well- rounded teens from across the country.
Waterloo Unlimited!

Shad Valley - this 4 week July program offers participants lectures, workshops and a competitive group project at one of 12 Canadian universities; winners then may go on to a 5 week internship of paid work with Shad partner companies.
Shad Valley

University of Toronto Mentorship Program - work with experts in your areas of interest!
U of T mentors

Mini-Med School - University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine - two lecture series designed for "would-be physicians" currently in grade 11 or 12.

DEEP - the University of Toronto offers a wide range of fall and spring courses in topics like robotics and forensics. Ask your science teacher about school lab visits too!

The Helix Project - this enrichment project offers students an opportunity to attend lectures by some of Canada's leading medical and research professionals; students take part in laboratory activities at the University of Toronto's research facilities.
Helix Project

The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI)- 2 week summer sessions.

www.einsteinplus.ca www.issyp.ca

Discover Engineering: Ryerson University - Engineering Summer Camp for Young Women in High School
Women in Engineering

Computing Insights - summer camp at the University of Toronto
UofT Computing

Boyd Archaeological Field School - this residential field course (IDC4U) is a university preparatory credit co-sponsored by York Region District School Board, Rouge Park, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authorities.

Biotrek - an exciting 5 day biotechnology program for highly- motivated biology students in grades 10-12. Students will perform advanced biotechnology experiments including DNA fingerprinting.

L.E.A.P. - intensive 4 week program for students in grades 10 through 12 who wish to experience a hands-on engineering project in robotics, design, materials, mechatronics or biomedical engineering - McMaster University.

Community Education - Peel District School Board Information on Night School, School on-line, Global Education, Ocean Education
Alternative programs

Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest / University of Waterloo

OAPT Grade 11 Physics Contest - Ontario Association of Physics Teachers
OAPT Physics contest

University of Waterloo Math Contests at Glenforest Secondary School
UW Math Contests

Marion Drysdale Contest - Student Achievement Awards 2009 - sponsored by OSSTF to showcase the talents of Ontario secondary students. Entries on a specific topic each year can be made in prose, poetry, visual arts, video, audio or animation.

 Drysdale awards

sanofi-aventis Biotalent Challenge - submit a project outline describing proposed research to a scientific evaluation committee to receive funding, expert advice, supplies and equipment.

A Celebration for Young Poets - Creative Communication Poetry Contest: an opportunity to become a published poet...

Space Design - University of Toronto

The Dupont Challenge - science essay writing competition!

Biology Competition - The University of Toronto
Biology Competition

Ontario Educational Leadership Centre - developing leaders in fine arts, music, athletics, diversity education, student government and environmental advocacy. OELC is a residential education centre situated on a 71 hectare site on the east side of Lake Couchiching approximately 150 km north of Toronto, near Orillia - operated by a volunteer not-for-profit corporation originally administered and now supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Programs for all courses are designed to develop interpersonal, problem-solving, organizational, communication, team-building and public speaking skills, along with responsible attitudes, community awareness and volunteerism. Courses run in spring, summer and fall and vary in length from 3 to 7 days.

Making My Way

Ontario Universities' Application Centre

Service Canada - Training & Careers links (including TrainYourBrain.ca - value of liberal arts education)
Service Canada

Ontario College Application Service - OCAS Click on "Discover Ontario Colleges" Check out the "Program Locator" (link in upper left corner)

Sign up for the University of Toronto Model Parliament’s March Break Program – the University of Toronto Youth Leadership Seminar – and gain privileged access to the University of Toronto and the Munk School of Global Affairs before attending a three- day simulation parliament at Queen’s Park.
University of Toronto Youth Leadership Seminar

The EMC Program provides an opportunity for highly motivated, above average and gifted high school students (grades 9-11) to come to Queen's University for a week to study a subject of their choosing at an advanced level.
Queen's University Enrichment Studies Unit

Forensic Science Camp at Trent University, Peterborough, ON - designed for campers ages 13-18 - aims to stimulate an interest in the sciences by combining crime scene investigation and DNA Forensics with the unique educational opportunity to learn from pracicing experts.
Forensic Science Camp


National Association for Gifted Children



Hoagies Gifted Education



Association for Bright Children Ontario



Gifted Education Resource Institute



Gifted and Creative Children



Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted



Prufrock Press Inc.



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