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Glenforest Secondary School

International Baccalaureate




IB DP Assessment

Grades 11 and 12 


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IB MYP Assessment

Grades 9 and 10


 Academic Honesty Policy:



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Assessment:  WEB.MYP.Assessment.pdf


Subject criteria:  IB.MYP.Web.subjectcriteria.pdf



Schools may be required by some national or other systems to use a norm-referenced model, or a variant of it, to satisfy certain requirements. Where possible, schools in this situation are encouraged to align the assessment requirements of the national or other system with the MYP assessment model. If there are enough similarities (and flexibility in the national or other system requirements), schools can use MYP assessment criteria and criterion level totals to determine grades. (If schools use MYP grades and choose to add additional criteria to meet local requirements, they must develop their own grade boundary guidelines. However, predicted grades submitted to the IB must be based only on MYP criteria.)


Schools can determine MYP grades and then convert them to grades for other systems. It is not acceptable to determine grades for other systems and then convert these to MYP grades.


Where the two systems are incompatible, schools must determine and report any MYP grades separately.‚Äč


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