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Glenforest Secondary School


International Baccalaureate




IB MYP Programme, Grades 9 & 10


Watch this short video to learn more about MYP.


MYP a Reflective Learner







IB MYP Programme


The Middle Years Programme (MYP) engages students in a liberal arts program that provides a solid platform for future studies in all disciplines and a clear continuum through to the Diploma Programme.


The MYP as pedagogy, grounds teaching and learning in a cross-curricular approach and provides students the essential skills for learning how  to learn, as well as develop their independent critical thinking skills through the completion of the Personal Project.


The MYP focuses on the development of the whole student, and encourages students to take on leadership roles within the school and the larger community.


The IB Middle Years Programme provides a well balanced approach to curriculum offerings, and  students study English, mathematics, sciences, technology, physical and health education, the arts (drama, music, visual art), humanities and French through both years.


The MYP Programme will replace the existing Pre IB Programme at Glenforest S.S. The expectation is that students who successfully complete the MYP Programme at Glenforest S.S. will continue in the IB Diploma Programme in grade 11 and 12




Thank you for your interest in the IB Programme here at GFSS.

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