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Creating Pathways to Success

An Education and Career Life Planning Program for Ontario Students

Beginning September 2013, the Ontario Ministry of Education will launch a new Education and Career/Life Planning Program. This planning program for Ontario Schools is based on the understanding that success comes in many forms, and there are many different pathways to success. The program is founded on a vision in which all students complete secondary school with a clear plan for their initial post-secondary destination—whether it be apprenticeship training, college, community living, university, or the workplace—empowering students to become the architects of their lives.

At all ages in the Career/Life Planning process, students discover their interests and skills and learn about opportunities in the world in which they live. Using the educational planning tool, myBlueprint.ca/peel, students in grades 7 and 8 will begin to create an Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) by setting goals, and exploring opportunities and programs that help them to make decisions. In grades 9 to 12, students continue to refine goals, further explore opportunities for post-secondary education, and create plans for their future in order to graduate in four years.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to support students in exploring courses and program offerings as a way to start Career/Life Planning. The framework of the Education and Career/Life Planning Program is a four-step inquiry process where students will continually explore, assess and reassess personally meaningful responses to the four key questions of Career/Life Planning below:

Who am I?

  • What are my interests and abilities?
  • What are my traits and values?
  • What am I passionate about and what inspires me?

What are my opportunities?

  • What high school courses, programs and extracurricular activities are available to me?
  • What education and training opportunities are available after high school (apprenticeship, college, university and the workplace)?
  • What fields of work exist and what occupations are within them?
  • How can I find out more about these opportunities?
  • What new things do I want to try?
  • What certifications do I need to investigate?

Who do I want to become?

  • What are my hopes and dreams for the future?
  • What are some things I want to accomplish after leaving high school?
  • What are my goals?
  • What does "success" mean to me?

What are my plans to achieve my goals?

  • What steps should I take to help me achieve my goals?
  • What resources can help me plan my own pathway?
  • Who can support me in achieving my goals?

Learn more

Parents and students can visit www.myBlueprint.ca/peel to explore Peel’s web-based Education and Career/Life Planner and www.makingmyway.ca to explore program pathways and career opportunities.

MyBluePrint Education Planner PDF DocumentMyBluePrint Education Planner

You can also contact the school for more information.

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