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​Special Education


Credit courses and support programs to serve a variety of learning styles and challenges to ensure Student Success.




Developmentally Delayed Inclusion Program

This initiative provides DD students with the opportunity to be integrated with their peers to learn life skills and social skills necessary for success.

Contact Program

Supporting student needs outside the classroom environment by providing connection with a caring adult to ensure student success  through the monitoring process. 



P. Travaglio

S. Hinds-Paul

C. Valda

K. Marry

V. Adamkowski

C. Hatje

A. Blackmore

C. Mason

C. Crawford (Department Head)

A. White

A. Clark

M. Kiraly​

Teaching Assistants​​

A. Arvay

J. Carty

L. Jogbodo

S. Tataw

J. Chaisson

J. Grootenboer

S. Martin

A. Walsh

J. Scigliano (nurse)

K. Belcham

R. Churly

A. Wickens

K. Yetman

A. Carreiro

C. Faria

C. Lowe

E. Emberg

B. Macdonald-Samson

D. Starkiewicz

D. Vaillancourt

D. Allen

S. Lafantaisie

J. McRae

S. Saunders

M. Luna

L. Stuart​



Grade 9

GLE/GLS 1O0 Learning Strategies


Grade 10

GLE/GLS 2O0 Learning Strategies


Grade 11

GLE/GLS 3O0 Advanced Learning Strategies


Grade 12

GLE/GLS4O0 Advanced LearningStrategies


Student photo
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