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Harold Brathwaite Library Catalogue



F. Ross
S. Sykes


Library Technician
D. Refling
Harold Brathwaite E-Resources 



This is a collection of e-fiction, graphic novels, audio books, Shakespeare and other resources.  



This is a collection of approx. 4700 non-fiction books with a search engine.  Although I did find there to be an American bias there are still many good resources.  There is also a citation tool to make bibliographies easier for students.  



This is the education version of the Toronto Star.  It has layout of the real paper and many additional tools including the ability to read on your mobile device, translation tools and a readaloud feature.


Passwords are available in the library.



"A library doesn’t need windows. A library is a window." ~ Stewart Brand

Our school library has a number of valuable learning resources available to our school community. Students are encouraged to access these resources for information gathering and to enrich their overall school experience.

Print Resources:

Fiction books
Non-fiction books
Graphic novels
Reference materials
French and other language materials

Electronic Resources:

Online Databases – Peel board’s Library eResources which include access to a wide variety of curriculum based information. Available at school or from home.
eBooks – Fiction and Non-fiction electronic books.
eLibrary – online library catalogue, searchable from homeNon-fiction videos & DVDs
Citation Guides - online access to Source It, with updated citation information.

Teaching and Learning Tools:

Tablets – (Kobo eBook readers, iPads etc.)
LCD projector
Document cameras

Other Resources

Printers (cost may vary)
Photocopiers (cost may vary)
Student photo
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