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Timetable for September

​Your timetable will be sent to your student #@pdsb.net account on Friday, August 30, 2019.

If you are new to Peel and do not have an account yet, we will send it to the email we have on file. If you would like to update our email contact information, please send an email to haroldmbrathwaite.guidance@peelsb.com. Include student name and number, email to use, and whose email it is (parent, guardian).

If you are a Peel student who prefers to usually use a different email, go into your @pdsb.net account and set up forwarding to that account. We can not accomodate different emails for students.

Timetable Changes

​The process for timetable changes is as follows:

  • On the first day of school (Tues. Sept. 3 for grade 9; Wed. Sept. 4 for grades 10-12), come to Student Services for a Timetable Change Request Form.
  • Indicate which course(s) you want to drop and which to add, with the reason(s).
  • Take it home for your parent/guardian to sign. Forms that are not signed by both the student and the parent/guardian will not be considered.
  • The next day, bring in the form to Student Services.
  • Follow your timetable as is until you are contacted by your counsellor with a new timetable.
  • Counsellors will not see students first come, first served. They will be considering requests by subject/grade/need criteria, so it might be a few days until your timetable issue is resolved. Please be patient.​


  • You must attend the classes on your current timetable until you are informed by your counsellor that your schedule has changed.
  • Timetable changes are not guaranteed.
  • Timetable changes may result in a completely new schedule, including courses possible moving to the other semester.


​Community Hours

​If you have completed community involvement during the summer, bring your completed form, with signatures, to Mrs Valliere in Student Services, in September.


Address Changes

Have you moved? We need to know! Please bring one of the following to Mrs Valliere in Student Services, so that we can update your records. We will photocopy and return the original to you.

  • Ontario Driver's Licence
  • Government Issued Forms
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement / Letter from Financial Institution 
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Purchase Agreement


Post-Secondary Planning​

University/College Application Process OUAC.OCAS 2018Application Presentation.ppt


Heading to College or University next year? Make sure to visit the campuses you are considering!

Dates and links are on our Post Secondary page



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