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Summer Co-op

If you signed up for summer co-op, check your student#@pdsb.net account for your acceptance.

Pre-placement begins next Saturday, April 13 or Monday, April 15.

If you no longer wish to participate in summer co-op, let your counsellor know right away.​

Looking for a Summer Job?

Check out our Bulletin board - in Student Services or here.


Summer School Registration

If you are signing up for Summer Co-op or an online course, see your guidance counsellor.

Otherwise, sign up on Student Web here (scroll to the bottom of the page).


Community Hours


If you have completed community involvement during the summer, bring your completed form, with signatures, to Mrs Valliere in Student Services.


Address Changes


Have you moved? We need to know! Please bring one of the following to Mrs Valliere in Student Services, so that we can update your records. We will photocopy and return the original to you.

  • Ontario Driver's Licence
  • Government Issued Forms
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement / Letter from Financial Institution 
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Purchase Agreement


 Post-Secondary Planning


University/College Application Process OUAC.OCAS 2018Application Presentation.ppt


Heading to College or University next year? Make sure to visit the campuses you are considering!

Dates and links are on our Post Secondary page



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