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Email: haroldmbrathwaite.guidance@peelsb.com

School website: https://tinyurl.com/toj6l5m

PDSB FAQ: https://tinyurl.com/syp8rkh

Resources:  https://tinyurl.com/tt63kbs

Course Selection for 2020-21 School Year

You will be receiving a Course Verification Letter in your progress report envelope just before March Break. 


If the courses listed are still what you commit to for next year, sign it, have your parent/guardian sign it, and bring it to Student Services after the break.


If you need to change your previous selections,

  • cross out the course(s) you no longer wish to take
  • write in the course(s) you wish to add
  • sign and have your parent/guardian sign
  • bring it to Student Services as soon as possible after the break.
Please remember that we may not be able to accommodate your change requests, but we will do our best.



Summer School

​Summer School registration begins on Tuesday, February 25 for grade 12 students (February 26 for grade 11s, February 27 for everyone). There are no forms to fill out; you will be registering using Student Web yourself, unless you are signing up for Summer Co-op. Please visit our Summer and Night School page for more information (scroll to the bottom).




Post-Secondary Information

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Pick up your copy of the Insider's Guide in Student Services.









Heading to College or University next year? Make sure to visit the campuses you are considering!

Dates and links are on our Post Secondary page


​Community Hours

​If you have completed community involvement during the summer, bring your completed form, with signatures, to Mrs Valliere in Student Services, in September.


Address Changes

Have you moved? We need to know! Please bring one of the following to Mrs Valliere in Student Services, so that we can update your records. We will photocopy and return the original to you.

  • Ontario Driver's Licence
  • Government Issued Forms
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement / Letter from Financial Institution 
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Purchase Agreement






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